Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner
Jasmine Massoumi
Jasmine Massoumi Los Gatos

Jasmine studied at Samuel Merritt University, where she received a Master’s of Science in Nursing and a BS in Human Development from UC Davis.

Her interest in medical aesthetics dates back to her childhood. At the age of 10, Jasmine was attacked by a dog, which left major scarring on her face and neck. After working closely with an aesthetic doctor and nurse, she was able to regain her confidence.

“I vowed to return this act of kindness to people in my community in the future,” she said. This has been a driving force behind her pursuit in gaining experience in the Medical Aesthetic field. She is passionate about helping her patient’s achieve their goals, including tackling any complex issues unique to them.

Jasmine’s power combo treatment is Micro-needling with PRP. She finds that all patients benefit from this treatment, including those that suffer from scarring. She also recommends investing in high quality, medical grade skincare products, which “have much more power and use than OTC products, aka more ‘bang for your buck’. Your skin is worth investing in”.

Outside of work, Jasmine finds taking time for herself and her hobbies essential to maintaining a happy, healthy life. She stays active by hiking, swimming, and boxing.