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From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Adding Exercise

Since starting on Rebalance, I’ve had a back problem, so I have been dieting with a fairly sedentary lifestyle for these three weeks.  Not that I like being inactive as I miss my sports and being outside as well as the much better mood I am in with exercise, but I think it was a … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Inspiration

Getting some inspiration right now from the Rebalance Before and After Gallery. My initial thoughts are that these women look fantastic, and of course, I want to look that good.  But these photos also make me think of motivations other than appearance.  Right now I am healthy, but there have been times when I have had … Read More

Rachel H.: Week Three of REBALANCE

Checking in once a week is really perfect for maintaining focus.  Saw Carli, got my V-12 shot, and took at look at the InBody Scan.  Despite a bad day during last week, I was down again, losing 4.2 pounds of fat (how does the scan break that out from my lean body weight?!) and my … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.

There’s always going to be easy diet days and difficult diet days, and yesterday was a difficult one.  I’ve been trying to heal from some injuries, but had a set-back.  I was feeling discouraged and the pain was getting to me.  My usual MO was to grab a huge roast beef sandwich and chips from … Read More

Rachel H.: Day #10 of REBALANCE

When I’m by myself for meals, I tend to get lazy – raw veggies, leftovers, the same low-effort favourites over and over.  But twice this week, I’ve been with company and had some added variation and spice to the menu. I had drinks with girlfriends – relaxing on the back deck.  For me the hostess … Read More

Rachel H.: Week Two of REBALANCE

Had my first check in with Carli today.  Told her that all was good.  That I’d had about four days of adjustment during which I had some hunger and was bloated, but that I felt I adjusted quickly – the internal reaction, as well as the behavior adjustment. Some of the keys to why I … Read More

Rachel H.: Day #5 of REBALANCE

Love it when you find unexpected help in unexpected places!  When I met my boyfriend and his sons today at Chuck E Cheese, I was excepting a landmine of diet-breaking obstacles.  But their salad bar had plenty of really fresh and healthy veggies.  The strawberries were the best I’d had in a long time.  I … Read More

Rachel H.: Day #4 of REBALANCE

Was a bit uncomfortable for the last few days as I adjusted to the change in food and calories. Glad I have made the commitment to get back to eating more veggies – I had certainly let that slide lately and I could tell through the last few days as my tummy grumbled. That seems … Read More

Rachel H.: Day #2 of REBALANCE

Starting last night, I’ve been having a Cheeseburger Craving.  First waking thought this morning – cheeseburger.  I probably gained a few pounds in the night dreaming of cheeseburgers. Plan A, visualizing healthy, slender self, was not making the thoughts go away.  I ended up with visions of healthy, slender self eating cheeseburgers. Lucky, this is … Read More

Rachel H.: Day #1 of REBALANCE

My first day on Rebalance is winding down, and overall it went well.  I misjudged the calorie count a bit and did not eat enough at lunch and for my afternoon snack.  Was feeling hungry and a nauseous in the late afternoon.  And now it’s nearly nine, and I have 58 calories to spare on … Read More