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From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.

Went out to TGI Fridays last night.  Love that they put the calorie count on the menus.  But seeing them blows my mind – one chicken dish was 1245 calories for the serving – and that did not include the two side dishes that it comes with.  Since I stared on Rebalance, I’ve been eating … Read More

Rachel H.: Week Seven of REBALANCE

Weigh in day was good as usual. Always leave SkinSpirit feeling ready to keep focused and on track. Got some ideas, encouragement, and goals from Carli. And today, I also left with a pear and an intro to Uforia Studios – one of their partners. Wish I lived in the area because it sounds like … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Snack Bars

A few days ago, I received an email from Melissa, the manager of Rebalance.  Another patient had asked about snack bar options, something I am interesting in too as I am starting to get back into exercise and like to have a bar with me all the time in case I need a boost before … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Lose It Now!

Was talking with a friend today.  She’s eighteen years younger than I, and is about sixty pounds overweight.  She told me she thinks about losing weight, but she’s OK with the way she looks, likes her clothing and is confident, and since she is healthy, she does not feel much motivation to stick to a … Read More

Rachel H.: Week Six of REBALANCE

Well, thank goodness!  Weigh in day and I’m doing OK.  I went up less than a pound while on vacation.  Now there’s nothing between me and continual weight loss through the holidays.  At least I hope – no more drama! Carli gave me some mini-goals through the week – keep under the 1150 calories a … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.

Back from a long, fun, relaxing, touristy weekend in Seattle.  But for my diet, well, I think travel is the hardest thing.  The options are limited without a kitchen and knowing the way to the best grocery store choices in the neighborhood.  And since I was with others, I often did not have a say … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: The Wedding

Had a great time at the wedding last night.  Thanks Rebalance – I looked even better in my dress than when I bought it.  That’s me with my mother at the reception.  I did have a cocktail and a few bites of dessert.  Yes, Carli, small portions!  Just a nibble of some irresistible appetizers.  But … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Travel Tips

Packing right now to get ready to fly to Seattle for a long weekend to go to my friend’s wedding.  Just tried on the cocktail dress I bought a few weeks ago, and it’s got a bit more space in it than when I bought it – thanks Rebalance!  If I get the urge to … Read More

Rachel H.: Week Five of REBALANCE

Back on track!  During one of the worst weeks ever, more reasons to be grateful for Rebalance and the InBody Scan.  No need to rehash the previous post – it’s been a very hard time.  But keeping to the Rebalance program has helped: Gives me something positive and goal oriented to focus upon, keeps me … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.

Our bodies are amazing things!  But right now, my body is doing something I’d rather it did not. At the end of August something unexpected, difficult and life changing happened to me.  I can feel with body aches and fatigue all that the mental stress has taken out of me physically.  And I can see … Read More