Monthly Archives: October 2012

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: No More Sugar!

There’s no more sweeteners in my pantry! Sorry guests! When I started Rebalance, I still had a container of agave nectar around – loved it for oatmeal. But I’ve noticed that by sticking to the program, I don’t even think about any sugar or sweetener at all. I think that my system has totally changed. Maybe … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Scales Are Bad!

Just had my weight in with Carli at SkinSpirit.  Meeting with her once a week is the best part of the program.  But the second best thing is the InBody Scan.  It’s constantly an inspiration to keep making good choices. I know the limitations of scales, but I still get on them.  This week, the … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Diet Supporters

Funny how some people can’t seem to accept dieters. I’m getting great support from some – one of my friends has been bringing me fresh fruit and veg from his garden as well as home-cooked and sliced turkey breast and chicken soup with vegetables.  And a girlfriend whom I was meeting for dinner said, “I’m … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Better Drinks

Every now and again Carli suggests something to me, and I think, “wow, really?”  It’s usually because I don’t want to give up something.  During the initial assessment, I told Carli I drink a Powerade Zero every day.  No calories, so fine, right?  Well, no! Rebalance is more than calorie counting.  It’s about working on … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Solving the Feeling Hungry Problem

Don’t know if it’s in my mind, or if it’s real, but since I have been working out harder, I am getting hungry just a few hours after eating, instead of being comfy until my usual meal/snack time.  Yesterday I figure I burned about 400 calories weight lifting, working with kettlebells, and then doing sprints … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: 10 Pounds?

When I started Rebalance and was researching things on the internet, I found several comments from people saying, “Does ten pounds, one way or the other, make any difference?”  That stuck with me and yesterday in the gym, I lifted a ten pound plate (that’s the photo with this post) and I thought of it … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: 1/3rd Done!

So happy this morning when I entered my weight and the counter on my journal popped into double digits!  Going by the scale, that’s one third of weight loss to do to get me to the 27% body fat goal.  20lbs to go. The weight loss was right at the pace Carli said would be … Read More

Rachel H.: Week Eight of REBALANCE

Starting week eight and it looks like I am losing a pound a week.  I’m starting back at the gym tomorrow with my trainer and I’m curious to see how the CrossFit workouts effect the scales if at all. The thing I want each week is to watch the percentage of body fat to continue … Read More