Monthly Archives: November 2012

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Breaking Even

It’s been a rough few weeks with back pain.  I’ve been trying to stick with the program, but have been eating oatmeal and toast with the Advil to help with nausea.  I missed a weigh-in last week, and met with Carli yesterday.  I’ve lost one pound of muscle and gained one pound of fat.  I’m … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Greek Yogurt

Right from day one, Carli has encouraged me to eat Greek yogurt.  Adding a Trader Joes non-fat Greek yogurt in honey flavor or my fav, Chobani fat free black cherry, to my daily menu has been easy.  They are delicious and easy to carry if I’m on the road.  But plain low- or non-fat – … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Set Back

I’ve hurt my back and things have been difficult for a while.  My diet has been a mix of sticking to the program, eating oatmeal and toast to buffer the pills, and nausea from the pills.  I’m through the really bad few days and for the next week the pain should go slowly down with … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Better Skin?

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of compliments on my skin. The only change I have made is to my diet – no new skin care routine, product or treatment. Must be the diet! My previous diet was not so bad. The main problem was quantity – too much of even good … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: A Little Help From A Friend

One of my friends has been very supportive of my diet.  He brings me hard boiled eggs and cooks chicken for me.  The other night he made turkey breast, and green beans and brussel sprouts with toasted walnuts and tons of garlic.  And he gave me plenty of left overs. Today I did a long … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Scales Are Bad Pt. 2

Another weigh-in and I was thinking I had not made a move towards my goal.  Every time I step on the scale is says 150!  If it ever clicks down to the 140′s I’ll probably fall off. But the InBody Scan showed one pound of body fat lost, one pound of muscle gained. If I … Read More