Monthly Archives: December 2012

REBALANCE: Start Off Small!

It’s “almost” 2013! Start the year off right with small, manageable changes to your lifestyle. Here are a few simple steps, skip the extreme stuff! - 10-Minute Rule: Follow it! We all have 10 minutes to spare for our own well-being throughout the day. Ten minutes of walking around the block, taking the stairs instead of … Read More

Bride To Be Our REBALANCE Blogger!

We will miss Rachel while she recovers from her spine problem. We’ll be here if she needs anything and we are sure she will recover quickly and be back with us. In the meantime, we look forward introducing you to our new Guest Blogger – keep an eye out for posts as she trims up … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H.: Back Soon (I Hope!)

I’ve hurt my back and am not going to be able to drive to SkinSpirit for check-ins.  I am staying on the program, although working around eating around nausea caused by pain medication.  Over the last week, the scales have not moved, so it looks like I’m hanging in there.  I’ll be back! Read More