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Franny G.: Week Three of REBALANCE

I went in to my week 3 appointment a little nervous this past week.  This was my first and most challenging week yet! Work was very busy, I got sick, and I was out of town for the weekend (and did not make the best food decisions). When I stepped on to the scale at my appointment, … Read More

Katie H.: Week Two of REBALANCE for Bride To Be!

103 days to go and 7 pounds down!  I knew I had lost, but I had NO IDEA I had lost THIS much so far – the REBALANCE program is working for me! Go ME! I think the weight loss for the week can be attributed to a few things: Journaling - Knowing I am going to write down every … Read More

Franny G.: Week Two of REBALANCE

Week one is in the books!  4 pounds down and I couldn’t be happier.  Had my meeting with Carli and got some great advice – more protein and less carbs – AT NIGHT! I am slowly breaking the habit of choosing the easy option for dinner – NO CEREAL! Several nights I had an egg burrito (also … Read More

Franny G.: Week One of REBALANCE

I had my Initial Metabolic Weight Loss Assessment and it was actually kinda fun (and very informative). The results of my assessment were eye opening – I’ve got 38% body fat! I know the fat is there and I know I need to get rid of it. One positive note from the assessment was that I found out … Read More

Katie H.: Week One of REBALANCE for Bride To Be!

The REBALANCE program has officially begun for me!  I am 111 days out from“THE WEDDING” as I walk in to my Rebalance appointment with Carli, my REBALANCE consultant “EXTRAORDINAIRE”! We begin with an InBody scan. NOW when I first heard “Body Scan”, I thought I would be getting into a medical gown (you know, the ones that never close quite enough around the back-side), … Read More