Monthly Archives: March 2013

From REBALANCE Client, Katie H.: I Gained A Lot More Than I Lost!

I did not have a lot of weight to lose when I started the REBALANCE Metabolic Weight Loss program but what I have lost has really made a difference in my journey.  85 days ago I began preparing for my wedding, and like every bride, my desire was to look my very best for all of the pivotal moments along the way, you … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Franny G.: I Will Do This!

I started the REBALANCE Weight Loss Program 87 days ago (that’s 2 months, 27 days, and 11 hours ago) AND I have lost 18 pounds and dropped 4% of my body fat! WOW! Did I just type this? What got me here you ask? I - Changed my eating habits - less sugar, more protein, and better snack choices I – Shifted how I think about food – before … Read More

REBALANCE Tool: Get Food-u-cated!

Check out the amazing NEW app called Fooducate (Android /iPhone).  It takes MyFitnessPal to a new level.  It not only gives you the kcals, protein, fat and carb content of foods but goes a step further and grades each food item (A-F) based on it’s nutritional value.  It takes points off for foods that are processed or … Read More

REBALANCE: Did You Know?

Why it is important to get enough protein in your diet? When your body doesn’t have enough glucose (its primary source of energy) it can convert either fat or muscle into energy. It’s easier for your body to convert muscle mass into energy, and if you don’t eat enough protein you will lose muscle instead of fat … Read More

Ever Wonder What Your Body Is Made Of?

Ever wonder what your body is really made of? A SkinSpirit REBALANCE Metabolic Weight Loss expert can tell you with an InBody® Composition Scan, a comprehensive computerized report summarizing your body composition. Each InBody® Scan is followed up by an analysis and interpretation that includes detailed personalized data regarding basic caloric need, percentage of body fat, muscle ratio, hydration … Read More

From REBALANCE Client, Katie H.

Back on Track! My work schedule the past few weeks has been NUTS – we are talking 80 hour work weeks with back to back travel from coast to coast, client dinners, hotel dining, on the go. Add on to this designing, producing and assembling 100 hand-made wedding invitations, coordinating wedding vendors, and wedding details … Read More

Fresh Organic Local Grown Produce

It is perfect weather to stock up on some fresh organic local grown produce from the Saturday or Sunday Farmers’ Markets. Check in with your REBALANCE team and check out the amazing recipes they have using the freshest vegetables and fruits! Read More

REBALANCE: Fuel Your Workout

Fitness Trainer and Coach, Charles Ceasar works with people whose workout regimes range from strength and conditioning to dance inspired classes (fever or Zumba at uforia studios), to weekend warrior runners doing 5Ks and 10Ks. While there is no question that his clients need personalized recommendations for fueling their activities, he is continually amazed at how so many of them do not … Read More