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What is the Best Sunscreen for the Face?

With so many different types of sunscreens on the market, how does one know which sunscreen will work for their own skin? When searching for the best sunscreen, it’s best to look for important factors such as broad spectrum protection and SPF. Broad spectrum protection indicates the skin will be protected from both UVA (aging) … Read More

How Do Antioxidants Prevent Premature Aging?

Want to prevent premature aging of the skin? Premature aging shows up on the skin in the form of sun spots, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin. Wearing sunscreen everyday is the first line of defense in protecting the skin from the negative effects of UVA and UVB rays, as well as guarding against premature … Read More

What is Latisse And How Do I Use It?

Who doesn’t want their own eyelashes to be longer, thicker and darker? Latisse is one of SkinSpirit’s most popular products because it takes your own eyelashes and makes them fuller, longer and darker, in just 16 weeks! Clients often ask us about Latisse -wondering what it is, how to use it and what kind of … Read More