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7 Tips on How to Protect and Repair Skin During Winter

Wintertime and the shift to colder weather means more time spent with family, skiing on the mountain, sipping on warm drinks, going to holiday parties and spending more time indoors. According to the authorities on skincare, our aestheticians at SkinSpirit, winter is a great time of year tackle sun damage. It’s also the time of … Read More

How Soon Before I See Results By Using Latisse?

Great eyelashes don’t just happen overnight. This is why it’s important to note that Latisse works gradually – with full results at week 16. At Week 4, you’ll begin to see changes in eyelash length. By Week 8, you’ll notice thicker and darker lashes. Most will see enhanced results by Week 12. After Week 16, … Read More

Top 8 Benefits of a Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is a form of exfoliation that uses a chemical solution to remove dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. Treatment time for a chemical peel can take up to 30 minutes and the peeling process can last anywhere from three to five days after. During the peeling process, the dead … Read More

SkinSpirit Treatments That Will Prepare Your Skin for the Holidays

Looking to rejuvenate your skin before the holidays? SkinSpirit has a number of treatments designed to brighten, tighten, even out and smooth your skin effectively and quickly, preparing it just in time for the busy holiday season. Intense Pulsed Light/IPL Get rid of sun damaged skin fast and effectively before the holidays with Intense Pulsed … Read More