4 Tips to be Successful on the REBALANCE Program


I’m Carli Kuehnis, a Lead Certified Medical Assistant and Manager of the REBALANCE Metabolic Weight Loss Program at SkinSpirit. Each day, I meet with clients who are just getting started, are in the midst of, or who are working to maintain results gained from the REBALANCE program. Clients ask me all the time for my best advice on how to be successful on the REBALANCE program. Here are my four favorite rules for weight loss success:


1. What’s Your Purpose for Being on the REBALANCE program?
The key to successful weight loss is to know why you want to lose the weight in the first place. What’s your motivation for the change? Is it self-confidence? Do you want more energy so you can keep up with your partner and/or children? Other reasons? Once you realize what inside you is driving the change, use it to help stay focused on achieving your weight loss goals.


2. Preparation is Key
Meal planning is the easiest way to get set up for weight loss success. It’s all about being prepared by meal planning for the week ahead. The hardest part about meal planning for my clients is finding the time to get started and setting aside time each week to do it. The hour you set aside each week for meal planning will save you a lot of time, money, calories and heartache in the long run. Having a solid meal plan in place each week means you know ahead of time what you’re eating for the week, eliminating the whole, “What’s for dinner” discussion and debate. Meal planning enables you to establish a grocery budget and helps you stick to it. With meal planning, you can prepare healthy food options ahead of time like grilling enough chicken over the weekend to last you throughout the week ahead. Without meal planning, it’s too easy to grab takeout, fast food or a calorie-busting snack whenever you’re tired and hungry.


3. Small Changes Lead to Big Results
Goals are good. Realistic goals are better and more attainable. Studies suggest that the average weight loss is 18 pounds in 6 months. When determining your own weight loss goals, make sure they’re realistic for you. Fast results can be very exciting, but they’re harder to obtain, potentially unsafe and more than likely will lead to weight gain in the future. When it comes to weight loss, small changes add up to big results over time.


4. No One Is Perfect
When the day comes where you fall off the wagon, and you will, the key to your weight loss success will be your ability to get right back on the program. Having a bad day, three cookies too many or not meal planning for a week will not derail all of the hard work and progress you’ve made so far. If you do have a slip, dust yourself off and get back on the wagon. There’s no perfect person or plan. Slips remind us that we’re human. Use it as a learning experience for next time and whatever you do, don’t give up.


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