The Aesthetic Experts Guide To a Relaxing Vacation

Woman sitting on a high cliff looking at the view

Photo by Paige Haley

Giving yourself time to rest and recharge can help you avoid burnout, but planning your time off comes with its own obstacles. We asked three of our SkinSpirit expert practitioners — Paige Haley (RN, BSN) of Portland, OR, Jennifer Corbett, (MPAS, MPH, PA-C) of Walnut Creek, CA, and Pinky Elliott, (RN, BSN, CANS) of Seattle, WA — for pointers on planning and enjoying a getaway. From making arrangements for your client roster to making the most of your vacation budget, here’s what they recommend.

The Backup Plan

You may be heading out of town, but your clients are not. Make sure that your regulars know when you’ll be away, so no one is caught by surprise when trying to schedule an appointment.

“The most stressful part of going on vacation is the follow-up needs that can come up for the clients you see the week before your trip,” Pinky said. She recommends telling your clients when you’ll be away, and giving them the name of a specific colleague they can see while you’re away, if necessary.

For Paige, planning for time off starts with to-do lists so she can track her progress toward takeoff.

“I make sure I check as much off of my to-do lists as possible before I leave so I am not stressed when I am away,” she said. “I also always change my email and voicemail message to let people know that I am out of town and when I will return.

Frontload the Heavy-Lifting

Jennifer Corbett at the beach with family

Photo by Jennifer Corbett

Plotting your vacation activities before you leave will give you more time to enjoy yourself once you’ve arrived.

“I like to plan the daily adventures in advance; that way, once I arrive at my destination, I can simply do nothing but enjoy the sights,” Paige said. “Research the areas of interest for weather and price during that time of year. I also check the country travel advisories for safety in that area.”

Jennifer agrees, suggesting a balance between scheduled meals and activities, and free time for spontaneous exploring.

“No matter where I’m going—or even if it’s a place I’ve been before—I like to always have a few things planned,” Jennifer said. “I make sure not to overschedule; that way we always have time for impromptu moments and more time to recharge if needed.”

While you’re booking reservations, Paige recommends flexing your loyalty programs and credit card points to make your money go further.


Pinky Elliott on vacation with 2 kids

Photo by Pinky Elliott

Vacation means taking a break from your day-to-day activities—which also means taking a step back from your digital life. If you choose to travel during your time off, set an intention to be present and enjoy your location.

“I make sure to put my phone down. I never pack my computer. I try to take it all in and enjoy the time with my family,” Jennifer said.

Pinky takes a similar approach, but gives herself time to share vacation updates with friends and family.

“To really unplug, I limit my time on social media and my phone in general,” Pinky said.” I still love to document my trip and take pictures, but I designate time at the end of my day to do any posting so I can be present and enjoy my time with my family while we are out doing activities and exploring.”

Bliss Out

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Photo by Jennifer Corbett

You dedicate yourself day in, day out to caring for other people; use your time off to take care of yourself. Whether that means a spa day, a beach day, or a hike, embracing your break will leave you feeling renewed and ready to return to your clients.


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