Gatekeeping Is So Last Season: Women Everywhere Are Talking About BOTOX®



For years, A-listers have brushed off questions about tweakments, insisting that their wrinkle-free faces could be credited to regular sleep and drinking plenty of water. Kelly Ripa takes a different approach: Unapologetic honesty. Instead of gatekeeping when it comes to her BOTOX® providers, she included a full list of her New York-area favorites in her new book, Live Wire.

Ripa is open about her love of injectables, telling People, “I’m not saying you should let people bully you into cosmetic procedures. These are my choices for me.”

Her approach is becoming the norm. According to a recent SkinSpirit survey, a growing number of women are admitting they get non-surgical treatments, and almost all Gen Z and Millennial women who get injections talk about it.

We wanted to know more about this cultural shift, so we asked 200 women who, if anyone, they tell about their Botox and filler routines, and whether they ever talk about the cost of treatments. We also drilled down on the issues that would make women re-think sticking with an injector.

Across all 200 respondents to our survey, 90% of women who use injectables are open about the fact that they get Botox or filler. Younger women are more likely to talk about it—95% say they do—but nearly 81% of women over 45 are telling friends and family about their aesthetic habits.

Not only are women down to discuss their not-quite-nips-and-tucks, they’re also transparent when it comes to how much they spend on aesthetic services: About 85% of younger women fess up to their cosmetic treatments costs, compared to about 60% of women over 45 years old.

Who's talking vs who's talking graphic

We were curious how this compares to an everyday service like hair color:  A whopping 83% of respondents said their friends, family, and/or significant other know about their use of hair color, and 90% of respondents told at least one person that they use Botox and filler.

So what’s the cardinal sin that leads clients to break up with providers?

Price does matter, (more than 20% say they would jump ship after a price increase), but results reign supreme: According to our survey feedback, more than 40% of clients would change providers if they weren’t happy with a service.

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Earlier this year, we learned that about 70% of women have either tried non-surgical treatments like laser or BOTOX®, or they would consider doing so. Now we’re discovering that most women feel comfortable sharing the truth about their filler routines. With famous women like Kaley Cuoco (“If it makes you feel confident, that’s amazing”), Cindy Crawford (“I owe the quality of my skin to my cosmetic surgeon”), Robin Wright, (“Everybody f*cking does it,”), and Chloe Sevigny, (“I think BOTOX® is good”) all talking about their favorite treatments, it looks like the days of keeping BOTOX® on the DL are quickly fading away.

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