AmSpa CEO Alex Thiersch’s Tips For Taking Care of Your Business

Alex Thiersch sits smiling in suit and tie

There’s more to a successful aesthetics business than providing beautiful results for your clients. AmSpa Founder and CEO Alex Thiersch believes practitioners need a combo of medical expertise and “baseline business acumen.” It’s a point that AmSpa emphasizes at conferences and bootcamps. Understanding the factors driving change in the industry and how they affect your practice can only help as you navigate your career.

We asked Alex for his take on the future of the aesthetics industry, and how injectors can recruit and train the next generation of talent. Here are his tips.

1. Really dive into your business metrics

two women looking at eachother smilingThe aesthetics industry is booming, yet an AmSpa survey found that 60-70% of practitioners aren’t tracking basic business details about their practices. Knowing how your business is changing year to year—and why—can help you make better decisions moving forward. Don’t know where to start? Enroll in one of AmSpa’s bootcamps covering legal and business best practices in the medical spa industry.

And if you still don’t have time or the wherewithal to manage the business yourself, find a reliable business manager who can help.

2. Developing talent is critical

Most aspiring nurses and physicians’ assistants aren’t exposed to medical aesthetics in school, so many don’t have a frame of reference for what building a career in the field looks like. As demand for treatment grows, we all need to recruit and train more practitioners.

If you’d like to start or expand a practice in the next decade, consider mentoring students or junior practitioners now.

3. Make time to connect

alex thiersch speaking with other conference speakerConnecting with each other is the best way to learn and grow. One of the best ways to do that is to attend a conference… and boy, does our industry know how to throw a conference!. “It always blows me away to see just how much energy and excitement there is amongst all the attendees,” Alex said.

Aesthetics industry superstars are also refreshingly generous in sharing their time and expertise. “I’ve been to a ton of plastic surgery conferences,” Alex said. “Those are great too, but…there’s a reluctance to share as much.”

Could your business-savvy use a boost? Try adding a conference or class to your calendar this year. We’ve got a few recommendations.

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