Barbie™ and Man Caves: 9 Topics We’re Talking About This Week

Pink Barbie shoes sticking upside down

With the weather finally warming up—and getting cold and warming up again—we’re excited about slathering on the SPF and spending more time outdoors. Of course, with summer on the horizon, our schedules get packed full of clients wanting to look their best before saying “Bon Voyage.” No time to scroll through the latest headlines between appointments? We’ve got you covered.

Flawless Faces

Who’s wrinkle-free and perky?

Come on, Barbie, let’s go party… For better or for worse, Barbie’s been shaping beauty standards since 1959. This week, we finally got a trailer for her refreshingly-diverse, live-action film debut.

Dreamhouse not included… Wanna hop on the Barbie meme trend? Make your own here, and find out if life really is fantastic when you’re plastic.

In Others News

New products, new classes, new initiatives, new… man caves?

It’s about damn time… It’s no secret that cosmetic dermatology clinical trials have skewed primarily to white women for ages. That’s finally changing, and, with it, we’re seeing more products and treatments that are safe for darker skin, including AviClear, Vivace Ultra, and Resilient Hyaluronic Acid.

Anti-gatekeeping at its finest… We’ve long-appreciated Kelly Ripa’s transparency about her tweakments, and this month is no exception. At Variety’s 2023 Power of Women, she was keeping it real—as always—talking about Botoxing her elevens, armpits, and neck.

Kelly Ripa smiling with her partner

Actress and talk show host, Kelly Ripa

Under the influencer… Sephora and TikTok just announced an incubator program to connect TikTok creators to brands from Sephora’s DEI-focused Accelerate program. The goal is for TikTok creators to teach up-and-coming brands how to implement creator-focused social media strategies to help them become the next big thing. Now there’s a duet destined to go viral.

Home is where the ’tox is…  It’s the natural evolution of the BOTOX® party. Instead of friends gathering for gossip, canapes, and fillers, clients are now scheduling private aesthetician appointments in their homes. At-home medspa services are gaining popularity. How do you feel about housecalls?

Modern cavemen… What do you get the guy who has everything but wrinkles? A medspa man lounge. In response to the rise in ‘Brotox,’ Miami’s Get Refreshed spa has turned its VIP room into a man cave, complete with a not-at-all-advisable bar. (Reminder: Never mix booze and Botox.)

Class act… Spelman College has introduced a cosmetic science certification program that emphasizes cosmetics and personal care products in communities of African descent. Created by chemistry and biochemistry professor Leyte Winfield, the course is designed for a broad range of students, including those looking to make their own cosmetics, beauty writers who want to learn more on the subject, or anyone who wants to learn more about the industry. The program is open to the public. Talk about an educational glow-up!

Where everybody knows your name… Non-industry folks may not realize that there’s a whole range of neuromodulators on the market, but they’re becoming more savvy about the differences and engaging in casual name-dropping at medspas. Place your bets! Will Daxxify ascend to Botox’s verb-level ubiquity?

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