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How Much Does Latisse Cost?

Each 5 mL Latisse kit contains a 10 week supply and includes a bottle of 5 mL solution and 140 sterile applicators. Each Latisse kit includes a double amount of applicators because each applicator is designed to be used only one per eye, per application, to maintain sterility. Prices may vary slightly by pharmacy, doctor’s offices or medical spa such as … Read More

Can I Wear Mascara While Using Latisse?

“Can I wear mascara while using Latisse?” Yes, but generally not at the same time (see next question.) You can wear mascara and other eye makeup products while using Latisse. Keep in mind that Latisse doesn’t work in the place of mascara. Latisse is a treatment to grow lashes for those with inadequate or not … Read More

Reward Yourself Brilliantly With Brilliant Distinctions

Want to receive an instant savings towards your next Allergan treatment or product purchase at SkinSpirit? You’ll want to sign up for Brilliant Distinctions. It’s easy and free. As a member of Brilliant Distinctions, you’ll earn points for qualifying Allergan treatments and purchases. Once you’ve earned points, you can redeem those points for great savings … Read More

What Makes Latisse Different From Other Eyelash Growth Products?

There’s more than a few eyelash enhancing products available - serums and treatments – all claiming to enhance, condition, moisturize and strengthen lashes. Some also proclaim to dramatically improve the appearance of natural lash length, thickness, density and fullness. Others contend to extend the life of lashes and minimize lash loss. But do any of … Read More

What is Latisse And How Do I Use It?

Who doesn’t want their own eyelashes to be longer, thicker and darker? Latisse is one of SkinSpirit’s most popular products because it takes your own eyelashes and makes them fuller, longer and darker, in just 16 weeks! Clients often ask us about Latisse -wondering what it is, how to use it and what kind of … Read More

Latisse Took My Own Lashes and Made Them Better

I’ve always been an eyelash girl. Over the years, I’ve tried everything to make my eyelashes stand out. I’ve played with wearing false eyelashes and even tried eyelash extensions. Both helped to enhance what I already had, but these options required a lot of time and energy with daily upkeep. I started using Latisse over … Read More

How to Use Latisse Successfully in 9 Easy Steps

Did you know that Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved product indicated to treat eyelashes for increasing their growth, length, thickness and darkness? Latisse is also the only lash-growth product of its kind available by prescription. Great eyelashes don't just happen overnight. It's important to note that Latisse works gradually and remarkably, with full results in 16 … Read More