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4 Tips On How to be Successful on the REBALANCE Program

I’m Carli Kuehnis, a Lead Certified Medical Assistant and Manager of the REBALANCE Metabolic Weight Loss Program at SkinSpirit. Each day, I meet with clients who are just getting started, are in the midst of, or who are working to maintain results gained from the REBALANCE program. Clients ask me all the time for my … Read More

REBALANCE, Carli: Week Six and Seven

Week 6 and 7 I’ve officially put myself on a scale timeout! I always tell my patients that the number on the scale is only a small part of the picture. So when I noticed that I was weighing myself everyday, I decided to put myself on a scale timeout until I knew I could … Read More

REBALANCE, Carli: Week Five

Week 5 Weigh-in: 166 lbs. Gained/Lost: 0 lbs. I'm still here everyone! Sorry that you didn’t hear from me last week. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I’ve had to attend two weddings, a baby shower and have been house sitting all week long. Wondering how I have handled all of this? You … Read More

REBALANCE, Kathleen: Week Four

Week 4 Weigh-in: I broke my scale (the battery stopped working) Lost/Gained: Unknown This Week My scale stopped working at home on Monday. I think this is a sign. The bad news? I had an excessive amount of hot dogs over the Fourth of July weekend while camping in the great outdoors. I dined on … Read More

REBALANCE, Carli: Week Four

Week 4 Weigh-in: 166 lbs Gained: 0.4 lbs STEP AWAY FROM THE CHILIDOG! It all started with a chilidog on the Fourth of July. I didn’t stick with what I said I was going to do last week, which was a burger with no bun and light beer. Instead, I decided to indulge in a … Read More

REBALANCE, Carli: Week Three

Week Three Weigh-in: 165.6 lbs Lost: 1.7 lbs! It's my birthday and I will eat cake if I want too! Like I said last week, this is usually my week that I would fall off of the wagon. To add to that stress it was my birthday week! YAY! Does that mean that I am … Read More

REBALANCE, Kathleen: Week Three

Week Three: Wednesday, 7/2/14 Weigh-in: 158.5 lbs I lost two pounds! I thought for sure this week was going to be another let down when it came time to doing my weekly REBALANCE weigh-in. My doctor told me that I had to take it easy for the whole week – no Bikram yoga, no snowboarding … Read More

REBALANCE, Kathleen: Week Two

Week Two: Tuesday, 6/24/14 Weigh-In: 160.5 lbs I lost one pound! The good thing about Monday is that it’s the first day of a new week. Monday is another chance to try it all over again. After binging on Oreos and Lay’s Dill Pickle Chips over the weekend, I decided to snap myself back healthy. … Read More

REBALANCE, Carli: Week Two

Week Two Weigh-In: 167.3 lbs Lost: 1.1 lbs! SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE! Is a pound a week slow and frustrating? YES! Do I wish I were losing 5 pounds a week? OF COURSE!! However, I am very happy with a pound a week so far. I have not yet felt deprived because if … Read More

REBALANCE, Carli: Week One

Week One down! Weigh-in: 168.4 lbs Lost: 1.5lbs Hormones, sisters, a Giants game, and a graduation…OH MY! WOW!! What a week to restart REBALANCE. I’m so glad I did though! Over this past week I went to a Giants game where I usually would be chowing down on beer and hot dogs. Instead, I had … Read More