The Chemical Peel Diaries Part III – The Peeling Process

After my first chemical peel, everything had gone according to plan – as predicted by Kavina, a master paramedical aesthetician at the SkinSpirit University Village, Seattle location. For the rest of that day after the treatment, I followed her recommendations to not touch or put anything on my face for the next 24 hours. I didn’t even wash my face before bed, normally a huge no-no, but this was a very special circumstance.

Day One
I noticed a small patch of skin peeling directly underneath my mouth. As Kavina recommended, I gently washed my skin using only my hands and lightly patted my face and neck dry. The only products I applied were a few generous layers of moisturizer throughout the day and sunscreen. Other than that, I left my skin alone.

Day Two
As soon as I woke up in the morning, my skin felt slightly itchy. The peeling had spread to the other side of my mouth, up to my cheeks and to the bottom of my nose. Kavina was absolutely right – the area around my mouth peeled first. The reason why is because the mouth is the area of the face that moves the most. As I gently washed my face, I could literally feel the dead skin rolling off of my skin. I made sure to be extra gentle with patting my skin dry this morning, as there was more noticeable peeling. Kavina stressed the importance of allowing the skin to peel on it’s own because if the dead skin comes off too fast, I’d run the risk of scarring the new skin. I continued to apply a thick layer of moisturizer multiple times throughout the day. At this point in the peeling process, I’d recommend staying away from wearing black or dark clothing. That is unless you don’t mind walking around with visible dead skin on your shirt!

Day Three & Day Four
No doubt the toughest two days of the peeling process for me. This is when my skin had peeled the most. The peeling had moved to my entire face and neck area. My skin felt warm all over and itched beyond belief. Itching is a good sign, indicating that the skin is starting to heal itself, but it was extremely hard to resist the urge to itch my skin. Instead of itching my skin, I applied moisturizer all over, providing soothing relief.

Day Five
Most of the peeling was complete, except for a couple of spots along my hairline and neck. By this point, most of the itchiness was gone. The new skin that was exposed now felt and looked incredibly smooth!

Day Six
By day six, the peeling process was over. My skin looked and felt like it was getting back to its regularly scheduled program. Except now my skin was incredibly smooth and visibly lighter. I looked forward to cleansing my skin using my Clarisonic facial brush.  I couldn’t wait to work up a sweat at the gym again. I looked at the pictures taken before receiving the peel six days ago and then gave my new skin a good once over in the mirror. My skin looked so much brighter, in just a short amount of time. I couldn’t wait to see how much more of a difference I’d see in my skin after the next two chemical peels.

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