September Heats Up With Fashion Month, VMA Beauty, and Latte Makeup 

Nicki Minaj in pink leather jumpsuit

Sure, September is supposed to signal a shift to changing leaves, pumpkin spice, and Halloween decorations, but the last few weeks have continued to bring the heat. From Fashion Weeks around the world to the VMAs, this month is telling fall to, well, chill.

VM-Yays… The Strawberry/Tomato/Cherry/Latte girlies can take a seat, because MTV VMA attendees DID. NOT. COME. TO. PLAY.  From Billy Porter’s blond swoop—“this look is like My Chemical Romance and Avril Lavigne had a beautiful, moody baby” to Nicki Minaj’s pink-on-pink-on-pink-plus-a-veil, guests made a compelling argument for maximalism.

Get naked Make room on your schedules for facials, because Goop’s no-makeup-makeup routine will make everyone want to pretend to have natural, glowy skin. But for folks who still want the makeup-makeup look, it’s latte, all day.

Redefining beauty rest… The editor-approved treatment that’s sweeping Fashion Month is… sleep. From breathing courses to sleep concierges, the world’s finest hotels are joining Gen Zzzzz.

Woman sleeping

Schooled… Kids aren’t the only ones stressing about making a good back-to-school impression. Turns out parents want a glow-up before their kids head back. “We want to look good on the mom line,” one mom told ABC News. “When I show up on the school line, I want to be a pretty mom.”

My colors are blush and bashful… Blush was virtually absent from the Fall 2023 runways, but it’s storming the catwalks for Spring 2024. And, ahem, if folks are highlighting their cheeks, you know they’re gonna wanna highlight their cheekbones.

Jaws!… A sculpted jawline is all the rage. Vogue is breaking down the best treatments to get it.

This Barbie appreciates informed consent… It was only a matter of time before the warnings about Barbie Botox started. Here’s the TL;DR: Every treatment has risks, and providers should be detailing those risks to their clients. SkinSpirit bestie Dr. Hermine Warren has been shouting that from the rooftops for ages.

Body talk… There’s no denying that semaglutides like Ozempic are changing the way we discuss body image, all the way down to resulting need for filler to combat Ozempic face.

This means war… One of the most surprising consequences of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is that Vladimir Putin’s access to neurotoxins is limited. If his elevens are showing, it’s because U.S. drugmaker AbbVie, which owns BOTOX®, announced that it’s halting operations inside Russia as a result of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Oh, brother… Speaking of BOTOX®, Megan Trainor convinced her brother to try it, and now they go to the same provider and love it. New marketing idea: Sibling specials.

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