11 Things We’ll Be Chatting About This Week

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You’ve survived the January gauntlet of resolutions and wellness ads, and a groundhog we only see one day a year has issued his proclamation that winter is sticking around. What else could you possibly need to know this month? Plenty! We’re in the final countdown to Rihanna winning the Super Bowl, new FDA-approved injectables are gaining steam, and the Internet wants a word with the “Vanilla Girl” look. Let’s get to it!

What’s Hip? What’s New? What’s Trending?

The aesthetics world is buzzing!

Look into your crystal ball… Experts are predicting that demand for neurotoxins and dermal fillers is going to increase in 2023, pointing to FDA approval for Daxi and Allergan Aesthetics’ launch of jaw-defining VOLUX™ XC as further evidence that people wanna look good.

Before and after Volux treatment

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Set a calendar alert… Another prediction for this year: Maintenance plans. As in, folks will start booking visits for treatments at regular intervals instead of relying on a mirror to tell them when they need to call for an appointment. Maybe you can nudge them in the right direction with an email or text alert?

The name on everybody’s lips… The media can’t stop talking about Ozempic, the diabetes drug that celebrities and people with deep pockets are now turning to for weight loss. On one hand, it really seems to work for those who stay on it. On the other, the off-label demand is driving up prices and causing shortages. Plus, doctors and experts warn that we don’t yet know what the long-term side-effects will look like.

Which brings us to… Ozempic face. Losing weight can change a person’s facial volume, and may make them look older. According to SkinSpirit’s Sara Kranke, that’s prompting more appointments for facial rejuvenation. Cue the fillers!

More satisfying than the dentist… The MedSpa 2023 Outlook Survey found that more than a quarter of Millennials (27%) and Gen X (26%) prioritize spending on medspa treatments, despite worries about inflation. The survey also found that more than a quarter of consumers would prioritize a medspa appointment over a dental check-up. (That figure surges to more than a third when you look at only Millennial and Gen Z patients.)

Charge it to… How are all these pretty young things paying? We’re so glad you asked!

All The Girlies on TikTok Say…

What’s old is new, and beige is having a questionable moment.

The dream of the 90s… Big, glamorous supermodel hair is poised for a comeback, as are butterfly clips and twist up-dos. Use that information responsibly.

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Less isn’t more… The problem with the Vanilla Girl aesthetic on TikTok is it excludes, well, most people. The look is super-minimalist. Bare-ish skin. A little mascara and lip gloss. But Alicia Lartey from Refinery29 writes, “Vanilla girl beauty seems to be exclusively for white women.”

Joe Jonas is (still) an open book… This time, the middle JoBro’s telling Cosmo about treating his frown lines and his favorite skincare products.

Joe Jonas posing

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Assemble the Navy

RiRi returns!

Shine bright like a Diamond… Can we all agree that Rihanna’s return to music is going to be the hot topic this month? We can’t wait to see the looks the Bad Gal brings to the big game.

We found love… Speaking of looks, you didn’t think our queen would deny us some Super Bowl-themed merch, did you? Both her Fenty makeup and apparel lines are currently offering Game Day drops. One notable absence from the lineup? An umbrella-ella-ella.

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