Fight Cellulite and Enjoy Bikini Shopping Again with Venus Legacy

Nothing can make me run faster to a gym than having to try on a bikini in a dressing room, especially if the lighting is anything less than optimal. For those of you out there who feel my pain, I have some good news for you. There’s a painless, non-surgical and non-invasive way to make shopping for a bikini fun again. It’s called VelaShape.

VelaShape uses a combination of radio frequency, infrared light, vacuum and mechanical massage to precisely, safely and quickly firm up problem areas like the thighs, butt, love handles and abdomen. This treatment is quick, easy and painless. VelaShape fights cellulite and has zero downtime.

With bikini season being officially on the horizon, I was eager to try VelaShape as quickly as possible. I received my first VelaShape treatment with Mallory last week. The appointment started off with a consultation. During the consultation, Mallory described to me in detail what VelaShape is, how it works, what the treatment feels like, the type of results I could expect to see and how soon I could expect to see those results. She answered any questions I had about the treatment. She even took “Before” pictures so that I could track my progress over the next five weeks!

For my VelaShape treatment, I decided to focus on my thighs and butt area. In addition to making bikini shopping a more pleasant experience this year, I also want to look better in my running shorts. I’m currently training to run a marathon and spend a lot of time in my running shorts. Instead of worrying about whether or not my thighs look like an orange peel, I’d rather focus on my breath, running pace and finish time instead.

Mallory told me that I might notice an improvement in the treatment area after just one treatment. For best results, she recommended that I receive one treatment each week for five weeks. After my first treatment with Mallory, I did noticed that my skin was a whole lot smoother. Mallory explained to me that I could see results up to 6-8 weeks after the last treatment I received. Then once I had completed a series of five treatments, I could see the results up to three months. To maintain the results, I’d only need one follow-up treatment each month.

The actual treatment itself only took 20 minutes. Once I pointed out to Mallory my problem areas, she marked out a “road map” for the treatment on my skin and had me lay down on my stomach. The treatment wasn’t painful at all. In fact, it was quite relaxing. It felt like a warm, deep tissue massage on my thighs and butt. I even started to fall asleep halfway through the treatment.

In addition to fighting off cellulite, VelaShape can help improve the blood circulation in the targeted area temporarily. It can also offer relief to minor muscle aches. This treatment is effective on all skin types and all skin colors. Plus, pairing VelaShape with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise will ensure that you get the longest and best results possible from your treatments.

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