Doctor’s Orders: Don’t Let Bad Shoes Sabotage Your Day

Finding cute shoes for work—especially when you’re on your feet all day—feels like an epic battle between form and function, but podiatrist and shoe designer Caroline McCulloch says it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Caroline and her husband Al have been operating podiatry clinics in Australia for almost 20 years, and launched their own shoe line, FRANKiE4®, after growing frustrated with the lack of cute, supportive women’s shoes on the market.

“Al and I have always had a common respect for footwear. We have never underestimated the power a good pair of shoes can have on the foot and overall general wellness,” she said. “I believed I could create a better shoe for the foot, in styles that women would love to wear.”

Today, FRANKiE4® is the biggest footwear brand for medical professionals in Australia, and they’ve even opened their first US store in Seattle. While FRANKiE4® is a reliable source for cute, comfortable shoes, Caroline shared a few pointers for anyone looking to take better care of their feet, regardless of where they’re shopping


FRANKiE4 footwear

Find the middle ground of softness

Many people are wearing shoes that are either too soft, (causing feet to over-pronate, aka roll-in), or too hard, which is just uncomfortable. The key is soft support. “Your shoes should always be comfortable, cradling your heels, supporting your arches, and providing you a cushion between your foot and the ground,” Caroline said. She recommends looking for shoes that have enough structure to hold your foot while still allowing it to bend as you move.  “That space between the foot and the ground is the foundation the body moves on —  It’s why we are so passionate about how our footwear can help women. Shoes can affect more than just your feet,” she added.


Don’t underestimate the right fit

We’ve all convinced ourselves to buy a pair of shoes with slightly-off sizing because they were the last pair in stock or on sale. (And then to continue wearing them thanks to the sunk cost fallacy.) Those compromises, however, are bad news for your feet.

“If shoes are too tight, they can cause discomfort. This could [range from] compressing the nerves of the foot, to simply rubbing the skin causing damage. Wanting to kick your shoes off as soon as you get home is a sure sign your feet aren’t happy with your footwear—whether you have been on them all day or not,“ Caroline warned.

Stop making excuses for uncomfortable shoes

How many times have you justified wearing uncomfortable shoes because they’re cute? Consider this your wakeup call: If you’re cutting your day short, or walking around in pain, your shoes are stopping you from living your best life.

“Life is too short to have sore feet, sore heels (plantar fasciitis) or aching arches,” Caroline said. “Women should feel good on their feet, able to conquer their day without pain affecting your work and play.”


FRANKiE4 footwear

Keep moving

Most of us equate relaxation with kicking our feet up, but regular movement is important to overall foot health. “Movement assists with joint mobilization, strength, balance/proprioception, and circulation, to name a few. If you can’t move well your quality of life is impacted,” she said.

A great pair of shoes should be able to support you throughout the day. If you’re constantly dreaming of kicking your shoes off, it’s time to reconsider your footwear.

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