Yes, it has been two weeks since my last “official” post and I have some great news to share!  I am have lost another 4 pounds!  Not only have I lost 4 pounds, I have also increased my muscle mass, AND my clothes are fitting me better – this is the BEST feeling!

These last two weeks have been a great learning experience for me. I put in a few back-to-back long runs.  MLK weekend I did a 10 mile run across the Golden Gate Bridge (one of my favorite runs) and then the next day I did an 18 mile run up to St. Joseph’s in Los Gatos and back to Campbell Park.  Oh man, my legs were so tired after that weekend of running!  I fueled properly for the 10 mile run, but not for the 18 mile run.  That was a HUGE mistake.  After the run and the following couple of days I was pretty much starving the entire time.  I told Carli at Rebalance about this and she had one word for me: PROTEIN.  That is my biggest struggle right now – adding more protein in my diet.

I also covered a lot of miles this past weekend.  I ran the Jed Smith 30k (about 19 miles) on Saturday and then I did the Kaiser Half Marathon on Sunday, so it was a 30+ mile weekend for me.  I went into this past weekend more prepared.  I made sure to eat right and hydrate the week before.  I really think this made a difference because I was not starving after my runs.

I still need to get more protein in my diet, so I am making a point to work on that this upcoming week. Tonight I am going to pick up a roasted chicken from Whole Foods (a Carli suggestion) as well as green leafy salad greens to make a delicious chicken salad for dinner and have leftovers for lunch tomorrow (and dinner too)!

I am still making those little changes so I can see big results in the long run!

I’ve decided to scale back my workout schedule for the upcoming week (my legs need some time to recover)

Monday: Muay Thai at Fairtex

Tuesday: 60 minute Spin workout

Wednesday: Muay Thai at Fairtex

Thursday: “Might” do a trail run (depending on how my legs feel)

Friday: Rest day!

Saturday: 30’ish mile bike ride

Sunday: Trail run