Franny G.: Week Nine of REBALANCE

I gained a 1/2 pound last week, YEP, but I was able to get rid of that plus an additional two pounds I have not been able to get rid of. This is sweet success in my eyes!

It is so helpful to do the InBody scans with Carli.  I am able to track my progress not only by weight loss, but by muscle gain, BMI, and body fat percentage.  It is great to see progress in all of these areas from week to week. I have noticed that my clothes are fitting better and I have moved down a notch on my belt, and even my watch is loose! I visited my family in Southern California this past weekend and everyone I saw said that I look great – it is always so nice to get feedback!

As of today I have lost a total of 14.7 pounds, and I cannot wait to hit 15 pounds. I am almost there! My BMI (Body Mass Index) change is 2.5 – I know this number goes down slowly BUT I am almost to the normal range and I am so excited about this. My body fat percentage change is 4% – I have decreased my body fat by 4%. THIS is my favorite number to watch drop – I know I have been gaining more muscle from my Muay Thai and my fitness training.

My numbers are slowly going down, but I am 100% happy with the progress I have made.  I was telling Carli during my last REBALANCE appointment that I actually prefer the gradual weight loss over a quick drop.  The gradual changes that I have made with the way I eat are really working for me. I would never have been able to sustain a “no carb” diet or really any other kind of diet for that matter without this help.  I would drop the weight fast, but I would probably gain the weight back just as fast as I lost it. I can have an off day (like Fat Tuesday) and just get back to my regular routine the next day. This feels good.

The other night I had to go to a work happy hour, so I ordered a Sangria Blanco and took two sips and realized that the drink was TOTALLY not worth the calories; I switched to water and sampled the appetizers offered (which were TOTALLY worth the calories).  After the happy hour I headed straight to Fairtex Gym for the 7:30pm Muay Thai class. This was the BEST happy hour ever! 1 solid hour of hard core strength and conditioning with Muay Thai Kickboxing. HAPPY!

It really helps to have such a great team behind and I honestly could never have done this without my AWESOME team.  Carli at SkinSpirit REBALANCE always has answers to all of my questions and has been such a guiding force in this process.  Hope always makes sure that I finish my homework, stay on track and pushes for my blog entries. Charles my Personal Fitness Coach makes my workouts fun, exciting, ever changing and REALLY challenging, well ok, they are REALLY HARD!  And then there is Katie, my REBALANCE weight loss buddy, partner, cheerleader. We have come such a long way since training for the Ironman Arizona way back in 2010, and we are going so far together with REBALANCE. I LOVE MY REBALANCE Team!

My workout goals for this week:

Monday: Muay Thai followed by strength & conditioning with Charles!

Tuesday: 60 minute spin class

Wednesday: Muay Thai followed by strength & conditioning with Charles!

Thursday: Rancho run – I can’t wait for the time change and more daylight – my runs will be incredible at sunset.