Recently, I’ve realized that I’ve been living in denial. For some reason, I’ve always thought that with all of the snowboarding, wakeboarding and running I do along with all of the spinning and Bikram yoga classes I take somehow made me exempt from all of my poor eating choices. Now that I’m more than half way through my 30’s, my body is starting to shift. Things are changing. I’m afraid if I don’t change my poor eating habits quickly, I’ll never stand a chance of ever reaching the target weight that I’ve always secretly wished I could get to.

Lucky for me, I have an amazing job. I’m the brand new Assistant Marketing Manager here at SkinSpirit. Part of my job is getting to  experience all of the services that we offer at SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic and Spa so that I can write about them on our blog. One of the amazing services we offer in all three of our locations is the REBALANCE Medical Weight Loss Program. REBALANCE is a medically supervised weight loss program that was designed by SkinSpirit’s Medical Director and Founder, Dr. M. Dean Vistnes to help clients safely and effectively lose 2 to 5 pounds each week.

To kick start off my REBALANCE experience, I was scheduled for a Metabolic Assessment with Carli, a medical assistant and REBALANCE program expert. I spent a whole hour, one-on-one with Carli going through my medical history, current lifestyle and all of my habits including eating and activity.

The first part of the Metabolic Assessment was the InBody Composition Scan. This machine weighed me, measured my body mass, body fat mass, read my body water balance, calculated my BMI and did a segmental lean analysis on my arms, legs and trunk. It then took all of this information and figured out what my Basal Metabolic Rate was. The Basal Metabolic Rate is the number of calories your body can burn per day at rest. This number would also help determine how many calories I could eat in a day if I wanted to lose weight.

Here are some interesting things I learned about my body during my Metabolic Assessment with Carli:

  • I weighed 10 pounds less than I thought I did. Score!
  • Eighty-three pounds of my body weight is water. I was surprised to learn that even though I haven’t been drinking a ton of water throughout the day like I normally do, my body is still well hydrated.
  • In order for me to lose 1 to 3 pounds a week as the REBALANCE program suggests, I would have to maintain a daily diet of no more than 1200 calories. On the days that I run, I’d be allowed to bump up my calorie intake by 100 or 200 calories.
  • Even though my BMI was in the normal, healthy range, it was still a little higher than I had hoped. I guess that’s what happens when you live on a diet of breakfast sandwiches and fast food dinners. I need to get my butt into the grocery store and start packing my breakfast and lunch for work again!
  • In the Segmental Lean Analysis, I learned that my right arm weighs more than my left arm. No surprise there because I’m right handed.
  • My arms and legs all contain plenty of lean muscle mass. My core was lacking, just a few percentages shy from the normal rate. This served as a gentle reminder for me to get my butt back into the Bikram Yoga studio. It sounds like it wouldn’t hurt me to throw in a Pilates class here and there either.

After my Metabolic Assessment, Carli went over the entire REBALANCE program with me. She made it very clear that the program is not a diet. It’s a way of life that will teach me how to change my unhealthy eating habits into realistic, healthy food choices that I can make every day, in all different types of situations.

I received a REBALANCE packet that contained a program overview, a food journal and Week One’s 1200 Calorie Plan. I also received a number of tools including a Guide to Buying Organic Food, a Quick Snack Picks Guide, shopping lists for Safeway, Trader Joes’s, Whole Foods and a Stock My Pantry List, along with an extensive list of online tools available to me that will help me along the program, including a few iPhone apps to download. To help give my metabolism a boost, Carli also gave me a Vitamin B-12 Injection at the end of our one-on-one session. I started to feel my energy rise before the appointment was over!

I think my biggest challenge is going to be watching my portion sizes and resisting the temptation to stop for fast food on my way home from work. Carli assured me that our weekly, one-on-one meetings during the program are designed to help me work through these challenges, help me come up with healthier options and make better choices on a regular basis.

So how long do I have to stay on the REBALANCE program until I reach my goal weight? The amount of weight a person wants to lose will determine the amount of time they spend in each phase of the program. Since I’m looking to lose 1 to 3 pounds a week, I’m likely to reach my goal weight within 15 weeks.

So now it’s official. I’m in Phase I of the program: The Acute Weight Loss Phase. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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