Katie H.: Week Four of REBALANCE for Bride-to-Be!

This is the first week I did not feel confident going into my weigh in with Carli.  Last week I was nervous, but I had stayed on course over the week and knew I had lost, even if it was a tiny amount, BUT this week, I was hungrier than normal, craved carbs and sweets, more than usual, was sluggish and cranky.  The DIAGNOSIS, you guessed it….PMS! This is the first time on the program I had to go through this, and the result was a gain of one pound.  My very first gain while being on the REBALANCE program. UGH!

I worked out 4 days this week, BUT quickly learned that even what felt like just a little more food (healthy food too!) on a few occassions caused the weight gain.

When I met with Carli she was very supportive.  She mentioned that it is usually water weight gain and not to stress too much about the one point weight gain. I was disappointed and beating myself up about my lack of control, so it was nice to have Carli say it was OK and that the next week would be better.  Instead of dwelling on the gain, and getting discouraged, she motivated me to stay positive and on track, that the loss would continue if I got back on track.  She also recommended that on those weeks I take a slightly larger amount of the phentermine to fight the effects of the increased hunger.  I’m sure this will help!

On a more positive note, the first Whole Foods Market Palo Alto  fun run was on Saturday, and wow was it FUN!  We started at Whole Foods Market in downtown Palo Alto, just a few steps away from SkinSpirit and REBALANCE, what a great idea for the REBALANCE weight loss clients, and ran on to the Stanford campus, and back. It was such a beautiful route and it felt like you’de been transported from the Silicon Valley hustle and bustle into a small, quiet, town. The 3.5 mile route was the perfect Saturday morning starter.  Since it was a shorter run, I focused on keeping the intensity high, which should help me to get faster and improve my cardio for my private training sessions with Charles Ceasar and my Muay Thai Classes.

I have so much coming up this next few weeks on the way to “I DO” BUT I am confident I can stay on track and remain balanced and focused. More to come!