Katie H: Week One of REBALANCE for Bride To Be!

The REBALANCE program has officially begun for me!  I am 111 days out from“THE WEDDING” as I walk in to my Rebalance appointment with Carli, my REBALANCE consultant “EXTRAORDINAIRE”!

We begin with an InBody scan. NOW when I first heard “Body Scan”, I thought I would be getting into a medical gown (you know, the ones that never close quite enough around the back-side), stand in a sterile room by myself with a huge machine that rotates around me to literally scan my body.  Come to find out, it’s not intimidating in the least bit!  All I had to do was stand on a scale-like machine, fully clothed J, for, oh, about 30 seconds. The machine even plays a little tune while it’s doing its intake, and out pops a print out of all the information vital to leading me down the path of healthy weight loss!

With the InBody scan information, Carli was able to tell me exactly what my body composition (water-fat-muscle) was and how many calories I would need to consume each day to lose a healthy amount of weight each week.  I’ll be consuming upwards of 1200 calories each day, and can add in a hundred or so extra calories on the days I work out. We also chatted about my food preferences and Carli gave me great suggestions on meals and snacks. She also helped me understand what to eat and when to eat it.

My body composition showed that I have a great amount of muscle – over 100% in each area of the body (arms, legs, and trunk).  This isn’t surprising since I work out regularly.  It also showed my water level….I need to drink more water! And, least exciting, how much fat I’m carrying around. I’m looking forward to seeing the changes in these measurements since we’ll be able to analyze more than my weight. It has been a huge point of frustration in the past to increase activity and see the scale go up, or go down very little, week to week so this should help identify progress even if the scale might not have gone down that particular week. I obviously have some lbs. to lose, but getting greater insights into what’s working and what’s not will keep my motivation strong.

After talking through everything, I got a B-12 shot for more energy, and a week’s worth of phentermine.

Since the appointment, I’ve been making such healthy food choices and working out regularly.  The phentermine has also helped curb my appetite; I actually have to remind myself to eat!  The best part about it is that it’s helping me to REPROGRAM myself away from my bad eating habits. It’s been a real eye opening experience to see my reactions to food while the phentermine has kicked-in, it is going a little something like this:

When I see a food temptation like a cookie my body now has a say in the argument….

Devil Brain:        “mmm, that looks good, we should eat it”

Angel Brain:       “no, we’ve got a wedding to lose weight for…don’t eat that!”

Stomach:             “hey, feel me down here, I’m not even hungry.  Don’t eat that.”

Both Brains:       “yeah, Stomach is right; we’re not even hungry, we don’t NEED that!”

Before, it would have been a war between the good and bad in my head without any consideration of my body’s actual need to fuel or not, usually my willpower would wane and I’d convince myself I was hungry and needed something to eat.  Because my body now has a say in the argument, I know it’s not because I’m hungry and can walk away.  This leaves me with the ability to fuel my body instead of emotionally fill my body by eating. The more often I go through this process, the more I will learn what true hunger is, and will retrain my habits.

Katie H. – Week 1 – Bride To Be – Age 28 – Marketing Professional