I will be HONEST, I was so nervous about this week’s weigh in.  Not because I had been eating things I should not be eating, not because I did not exercise, I was nervous because after such a big loss last week, I thought there was no way I would lose more weight this week, right?  WRONG! I was REALLY wrong! I lost 2 more pounds! VICTORY!

This is a huge victory for me as I was not confident I could lose additional weight after such a big weight drop from last week (7 pounds in 7 days).

I also was feeling pressure from the very challenging week I had just come off of. I worked the entire weekend, which did not afford me the time to work out as I usually do, and to top it off my working weekend was filled with temptation, the temptation of catered food. Let me tell you, I work on a team full of men, men who like to eat, men who like to each comfort foods, rich, tempting unhealthy food!

As the team scarfed down breakfast sandwiches, burritos, tacos, chips and salsa, donuts, In- N-Out burgers, ribs and fries, I sat back and watched while I ate my usual foods – rice cakes with almond butter, oatmeal with fruit and nuts, fruit, veggies, salad, yogurt with granola and berries, all with a side of water.

Did I want some of what they were eating? YES, of course, it looked so good, and I knew it would taste even better. But I didn’t!  I couldn’t. Not because I had a great weekend of willpower, but because as they ate their empty calories, I ate the nutritious foods I knew would fuel my body over the long haul, I didn’t have a spike in energy followed by a plummet, I didn’t get bloated, I didn’t retain water or feel sluggish only to crave more of the bad stuff 45 minutes later.  I reminded myself that what I was eating was what my body NEEDED, and it wasn’t so hard to say NO.  Victory over food temptation was mine, and my InBody scan proved it!

Speaking of my body scan, it showed me a few things.

My body fat percentage has dropped by a few percent – great news!  It makes me motivated to get to a body fat percentage that’s lower than my initial modest goal.  Seeing progression makes me feel like I can accomplish more than I expected I would. If I am already at the point I am, it only makes sense that more than I first expected is possible!

I need to drink more water – this is a work in progress for me! I am good for a couple of days and then go right back to not drinking enough. Gotta work on this!

The muscle in my arms is skyrocketing – while the strength in my legs and core stays the same (high) my arms continue to gain even more muscle.  This is great news because it means my arms and shoulders are going to look great in my dress.  J This change in muscle is all because of my Muay Thai workouts at Fairtex and my personal training sessions with Charles Ceasar (veracity fitness).  Charles listens, and thinks about the things I want improved, and things are indeed improving, as shown in my body scan!

In the week coming up, I am adding in more protein. For the most part, I don’t eat meat so I need to be mindful about getting protein from different sources.  I will also strive to be more consistent with my water intake, Carli, my REBALANCE GODDESS suggested bringing a large bottle to work so that it is in front of me and I don’t have to take the time to refill often.

I also got some great tips from Carli about being faced with situations where there isn’t necessarily a perfect food option.  My days tend to get crazy and if I don’t pack my full day of food in the morning I may be faced with eating nothing in the afternoon or eating an unhealthy snack that’s available at the office.  In an effort to stay on track, I go the route of eating nothing over something that’s bad for me.  Carli pointed out that this drives the body into starvation mode and even if I eat something healthy later my body will store more of it than usual because it doesn’t know when the next meal is coming.  It also leads to a breakdown in willpower later on, consuming too much of a bad thing because the blood sugar is low and the body wants something, anything to eat.  To be sure I don’t get into these situations; she recommended keeping an EAS protein shake on hand.  They don’t need to be refrigerated and are a healthy meal replacement in a pinch.  And if I don’t have that available, to go ahead and eat a little bit of the bad option so that I don’t go into starvation, sugar drop, mode.