Katie H: Week Two of Bridal Prep Weight Loss

103 days to go and 7 pounds down!  I knew I had lost, but I had NO IDEA I had lost THIS much so far – the REBALANCE program is working for me! Go ME!

I think the weight loss for the week can be attributed to a few things:

Journaling – Knowing I am going to write down every bite I eat, and knowing I have someone else who will then be looking at what I have eaton really makes me think twice about eating the wrong foods, or too much of something.  This week I simply wrote down all that I ate, and it worked. Next week I will be moving to on to a calorie counting journal.

Working Out with Intensity – I upped my workouts with my amazing fitness trainer, Charles Ceasar (veracity fitness™ – http://veracityfitness.com). We do a combination of circuit strength training followed by rounds of Muay Thai kickboxing.  I have done an Ironman triathlon, yes, one of the hardest endurance competitions known to man, and I have never, NEVER, sweat and worked as much as I do working out with Charles.  The combination of strength with conditioning and cardio ensures my calorie burning muscle gets more toned while the intense cardio gets my heart rate up and melts away the fat. It is INTENSE but so worth it! Oh, and I am noticing that the vitamin B12 shots I am getting weekly have really boosted my metabolism. I am feeling differences.

Consistent Meals – Eating the same things, day in and day out, may be boring, BUT helps take the guess work out of this process for me.  Having those pre-determined meals and snacks ready means I am not thinking about food, and I don’t have wandering thoughts of sweets and salty snacks.  It also means I am thinking ahead and thinking about ways to fill my body with foods that fuel it, instead of making rash decisions because I am past the point of hunger and just need something, anything, to eat!

Defined Goals – I am so excited to lose these pesky 10-15 pounds, and having a stake in the game makes it all that much better! Knowing I will feel confident and beautiful for my wedding day helps me stay motivated.  That upcoming wedding date is set in stone and I HAVE TO DO THIS NOW! No slacking off for this bride-to be.

My GOALS for the week:

Drink more water.

Be more consistent about eating an afternoon snack, so that my dinner stays small.

Track the calories I am taking in.


Katie H. – Week Two (2) – Bride To Be – Age 28 – Marketing Professional