The Results Are In: SkinSpirit’s Laser Survey Reveals What Your Clients Need To Know

News flash: Lasers are hot.

With Kim Kardashian touting the results of her “fave” Morpheus8 treatments on social media and Nurse Jamie explaining on Instagram what different lasers can do, clients are becoming curious about what they’re missing. And you can fill in those blanks.

That’s right: Our latest survey revealed that providers have a huge opportunity for education, finding that 67% of respondents have never had a laser treatment, and 76% don’t know what these treatments do. Let’s dig into what the data reveals, and learn how top laser pros like SkinSpirit’s Anna Gapys and Cody Lynn Bennight introduce their clients to laser treatments.


Numbers don’t lie

Our survey found that only a third of medspa clients have tried aesthetic laser or energy-based treatments like BBL, HALO®, and Morpheus8, but they’re open to it. The laser virgins in the crowd are curious about these treatments, so there’s a huge education opportunity here for providers.

Among clients already living the laser life, more than half have tried resurfacing treatments like HALO® and Fraxel®, about 45% have tried laser tightening treatments like Morpheus8, and almost 40% have tried a photofacial.

Demographics within the pro-laser crowd were nearly evenly split between women and men—with a slight edge to the fellas. Women are still in the majority as aesthetics consumers, but male clients are clearly inclined to laser services. Don’t be shy about recommending them!

Worth it?

When considering a new treatment, clients typically have two questions: How much does it hurt and is it worth the money? According to the survey respondents, laser treatments are worth both the discomfort and the money.

Half of respondents thought the results were well worth the pain or downtime following their treatment, while less than 9% didn’t find the results worthwhile. As for value, 50% of respondents said it was “well worth the price,” while only 13% said it was not worth the money.

Tips for talking about lasers

Providers are driving the trend toward laser-curious clientele, but that’s not the only way people discover these treatments.

  • 47% discovered laser treatments through a doctor or aesthetic provider
  • 20% heard about them through a friend or family member
  • 14% learned about treatments through a hairstylist or beauty provider

With nearly half of laser-seeking clients talking to providers first, it’s smart to have a game plan for discussing these treatments.

Introduce the options

When it comes to discussing lasers, Cody Lynn suggests letting the client’s goals frame the conversation.

“In my treatment room, I like to discuss the client’s goals first to see what energy-based device will be beneficial for their current needs/results,” she said. “In my opinion, energy-based treatments are key for a holistic approach for healthy and youthful skin for anyone who is a candidate.”

While you’re at, have a frank talk about what a client can expect from the process, from start to finish.

Set realistic expectations

“I like to go over pre- and post-care instructions in detail,” Anna added. “I love showing videos of my current patients receiving the treatment and their step-by-step recovery. This helps prospective patients get an idea of what to expect and plan accordingly.”

Even though we know lasers deliver incredible results, Anna warns that you shouldn’t over-promise outcomes.

“A provider should avoid making statements that one device can fix it all,” she said. “Most patients would benefit from a combination of treatments to target multiple concerns and this is why we frequently combine IPL/ BBL with lasers for the best outcome. “

Start the conversation

The big picture here is there are tons of ways providers can introduce clients to the world of laser treatments. When someone’s in your chair, ask them if they have questions about any other treatments; share your expertise. If you’re social media savvy, talk about the results that laser treatments can deliver on your channels. (And if you’ve read that a celebrity is raving about a treatment, be sure to name-check the famous face and what they did.) Consider offering referral incentives to existing clients who send a friend your way.

Chances are strong that one of your clients—or their friends—are considering a laser service, but need more information before making a decision. Want to highlight your laser therapy skills? Start talking.

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