I’ve always been an eyelash girl. Over the years, I’ve tried everything to make my eyelashes stand out. I’ve played with wearing false eyelashes and even tried eyelash extensions. Both helped to enhance what I already had, but these options required a lot of time and energy with daily upkeep.

I started using Latisse over four months ago and love the results. My lashes have easily doubled in length since I started using the solution! Latisse is the first and only product that is FDA approved to grow fuller, longer and darker eyelashes in just 16 weeks. There’s no tedious application process. There’s no special cleansing technique or expensive upkeep. The only purchase that’s required is the actual Latisse solution. Each 5mL bottle of Latisse typically lasts up to three months.

The best part about Latisse is that it takes your OWN eyelashes and makes them better. It’s simple to use: one application of solution on each eye, once a night. The hardest part about Latisse is waiting patiently for the dramatic results. At week 4, you’ll start noticing that your lashes are a bit longer. Around week 8, your lashes will start looking fuller and darker. Then by week 16, your lashes will have full, dramatic results.

I documented my first 16 weeks of using Latisse through pictures. I snapped a few pictures before I started using the solution each night. I could see that my lashes were starting to get longer around week four or five. Week eight was a little better. Then as soon as week 16 hit, it was like someone had turned on the magic eyelash switch. All of a sudden, people were stopping me in mid conversation and asking me about my lashes. One of my favorite Latisse moments was when I put my sunglasses on and could feel my lashes batting on the lenses. That’s when I knew that Latisse was working.

Whatever you do, DO NOT reduce or stop your nightly application of Latisse as soon as you start seeing results. In order for Latisse to be truly effective, you have to apply the solution once a day, everyday for the full 16 weeks. At 16 weeks, if you decide that you no longer want long, dark and full lashes, simply stop using the product. If you want the dramatic results to continue, keep applying the solution once a day.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day you apply Latisse either. I have found that a night application works best for me. This is because I’m more likely to remember to apply Latisse after I wash my face, before going to bed rather than when I get ready for work in the morning. Plus, I like the idea of letting the Latisse solution set on my lashes overnight without any interference from mascara or daily activities.

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