3 Ways To Make Everyone at Your Practice Look Better—No Needles Required

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Ever walk into a store or a spa and feel lifted by the energy in the space? It’s not just a scented candle radiating those zen vibes. Better experiences start with creating a service mindset that caters to customers and fosters support between colleagues behind the scenes. It’s all about making sure everyone’s needs are met so they can shine.

The service mindset recipe is rooted in three ingredients: active listening, empathy, and honesty. Let’s explore each one, and how you can blend it into your practice.

1. Active Listening

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The beauty of active listening is it allows you to shut off the what-do-I-say-next part of your brain to ensure that you’re actually processing what someone says. (You know, instead of filling in the blanks with what you think you should be hearing.) You can even take it a step further, repeating back your understanding of what the person just said.

With a client, that might sound like: “So you’re interested in learning more about this treatment, but you want to learn more about potential side effects before making any decisions; is that right?”

With a colleague, it could be, “It sounds like you want more flexibility in your schedule to pursue additional training. Let’s see if we can find an arrangement that lets you develop new skills while still serving your die-hard clients.”

People want to feel like their concerns are being heard. Active listening strengthens your relationships with clients and peers because it signals that you’re genuinely interested in their needs.

2. Honesty

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For better results across the board—both with clients and colleagues—honesty is key. Studies show that it boosts client trust, generates better results among teams, and minimizes liability. Plus, honesty is like a smile: it leads to more honesty.

In other words, if you see a potential problem, say something. If you make a mistake, own it. Aesthetic procedures may mask imperfections, but there’s never a need for a cover-up at work. And remember: Honesty doesn’t have to be brutal; it can also come from a place of kindness.

3. Empathy

Clients, managers, team members—everyone eventually stumbles. How you choose to respond can reset the tone for the day, so why not lead with empathy?

Empathy requires you to take a beat, take a breath, and take time to consider the other person’s position. Conflicts rarely appear out of thin air, so put on your detective hat and figure out the root of the problem.

That doesn’t mean you have to look the other way every time an issue arises. It’s okay to feel hurt or disappointed by someone’s words or actions, but empathy is focused on fixing the issue for long-term progress, rather than falling back on short-term corrective measures.

Using a service mindset as your North Star keeps customers happy, makes colleagues feel appreciated, and creates a space that people want to come back to. It applies to everyone in the clinic—from the person answering the phones, to the lead injector—and it’s the most cost-effective glow-up you can give any aesthetic practice.

For more on SkinSpirit’s approach to the service mindset, tap on the video below.

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