What Makes SkinSpirit Palo Alto Special?


Did you know that SkinSpirit Palo Alto was the first SkinSpirit Skincare Clinic and Spa to open its doors in Northern California over 10 years ago? Nestled in the middle of downtown Palo Alto, SkinSpirit Palo Alto offers all of our aesthetic skin and body care services including:


We recently had a chance to chat with Jane Yeh, SkinSpirit Palo Alto’s location manager about this busy location. We wanted to know what makes SkinSpirit Palo Alto special, details on anything new happening at her location and what her biggest piece of skincare advice is.


A Q&A with SkinSpirit Palo Alto

SS: What makes SkinSpirit Palo Alto special?

JY: SkinSpirit Palo Alto is the original SkinSpirit location. We are the largest clinic with 10 treatment rooms, a private parking lot, and are the closest to Dr. Vistnes’ surgical practice. His office is only five minutes away, which means he’s often here in the clinic available to our staff and clients. SkinSpirit Palo Alto is also the launch pad for any new treatments and products. Before we introduce new treatments to other locations, we ensure that they meet the highest level of safety and efficacy by having our team of experts thoroughly evaluate and perfect them. Training for all new practitioners also happens here in Palo Alto.


SS: What’s new at SkinSpirit Palo Alto?

JY: There’s always something new and exciting happening at SkinSpirit Palo Alto. We have a brand new skincare treatment on our menu, Power Hour Treatment. This skincare treatment is geared towards giving maximum results in a short amount of time. Our clinical aestheticians get down to business by treating the face, neck and chest using microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, a chemical peel, light extractions and medical grade finishing products. Clients walk out of their treatment feeling amazing, polished, and in my opinion, powerful! This is the best treatment to give you more bang for your buck in just an hour.


SS: What is your biggest piece of skincare advice?

JY: Don’t overdo your at-home skincare routine. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. If you’re a skincare minimalist like me, you’ll want to use my all-time favorite skincare product, SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum. It’s also Dr. Vistnes’ favorite as well! This powerhouse is two skincare products combined into one: TNS Recovery Complex and APS Corrective Complex. Using TNS Essential Serum gives your skin everything it needs to be healthy – antioxidants, peptides, skin lightener, skin tightener and hyaluronic acid. The only additional skincare product you’d need to add to your daily routine is sunscreen.


SS: Any other fun facts about SkinSpirit Palo Alto?

JY: Before this location was SkinSpirit Palo Alto and started offering the latest non-surgical cosmetic treatments and providing cutting-edge technology in a luxurious spa-like setting, it was a transmission shop.


Something that makes SkinSpirit Palo Alto a bit different from our other locations is that we do all of our laundry in-house! Everything is washed, sanitized and folded here in our very own laundry room. We have two spa angels who help keep us going behind the scenes.


SkinSpirit is focused on treating the whole self – from the skin and body to overall wellness. We believe that when we feel our best, our true SPIRIT shines through. At SkinSpirit Palo Alto, we’re one big family, from the admins at the front desk, the practitioners in the treatment rooms and the spa angels working hard behind-the-scenes to our clients who walk through our doors. We’re proud of our team and love our clients. Each day for us is the best day ever!


SkinSpirit Palo Alto is located in the heart of downtown Palo Alto. If you are interested in one of our skin or body services, please book your complimentary consultation here.


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