Survey Says: Men Who Try BOTOX® Love It

There’s no shortage of information about women’s thoughts on skincare tweakments, like BOTOX®. (Quick recap: Ladies love themtalk about them, and research them on social media.) Fellas, on the other hand, tend to be less forthcoming, which is why it’s headline news when Joe Jonas says he uses them. According to aesthetic nurses like SkinSpirit’s Vinny Sathe (BSN, RN, Denver), medspas are seeing more men booking appointments because society is reconsidering stereotypical gender roles. “Men are growing more accepting of previously feminine habits and vice versa.”

To uncover the truth about men’s attitudes toward aesthetic injectables, we surveyed 500 guys and learned a lot about the similarities—and differences—between how the sexes approach the topic.

Who’s Visiting the MedSpa?

men vs women infographic of who is getting botox

Regular trips to a skincare clinic are becoming the norm for women, but the majority of men still haven’t tried it: Nearly 58% of men said they had never had a treatment like Botox® or Dysport®. When we asked more questions to explore the naysayers’ “why,” more than 41% responded, “Why bother?” Other common responses included concerns about cost (29%), worries about results (13%), and looking “feminine” (6%).

By contrast, in a similar survey of women, more than 70% of women responded that they have or would consider getting a treatment like BOTOX®fillers, or lasers, and 34% of women said they like the confidence boost they get from a treatment.

Vinny believes that men are increasingly gravitating toward treatments because they see the incredible results that women have been getting for years.

“Three generations of women have largely gone all-in on anti-aging, adopting the newest in cosmetic and pharmaceutical technologies as they have become available. And it shows! As these men are reminded of their signs of aging, they are developing a desire to do something about it,” Vinny said.

They Tried It, They Liked It

So the majority of guys don’t have a skincare clinic on speed dial, but what about the ones who do? Men who have tried treatments—remember, that’s 42% of our survey respondents—love the results. A whopping 83% said they would recommend injectables to someone like them. And, demographically, those adopters span a lot of groups.

men getting botox infographic demographics

The Power of Suggestion

Men aren’t bombarded with media suggestions about their appearance the same way women are, so we were curious about what led the pro-tox survey respondents to try a treatment in the first place. It turns out the power of suggestion came from close to home. Over 87% of men booked an appointment on a friend, family member, or partner’s recommendation. But men are also interested in slowing down the clock: A combined 44% decided to try it because they didn’t like their fine lines or wanted to look younger.

men getting botox infographic on motivation to book


Vinny Sathe headshot

Vinny Sathe, BSN, RN

It’s no secret that injectables offer amazing, long-lasting results, and people who try them—both women and men—overwhelmingly like them. More people than ever are recommending treatments like BOTOX® to their friends and family.

For providers, there’s a massive opportunity to turn happy clients into cheerleaders. Want to amplify your glowing reviews and bring your top clients’ male-identifying friends and family through the door? Consider hosting a fun event, or offering specials for male friends or couples that book together.

Remember, less invasive treatments allow new clients to test the aesthetic waters before diving in the deep end. “Expect the first-timer guy to tread cautiously and advance from simple treatments to those that are more invasive,” Vinny suggested. ”A facial can set the groundwork for that BOTOX® appointment in the future. “

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