Met Gala Prep, Posh Spice’s Laser Treatments, and Coachella: 10 Things To Know About Right Now

Woman in all black posing in front of a colorful structure at Coachella music festival

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The first Monday in May is almost here, which means the fashion fever dream known as the Met Gala is days away. As always, the Internet speculation about the event is rampant. Let’s jump right into all things glam, beautiful, and trending.

Fashion’s Super Bowl

It’s the most curated night of the year…

woman in long colorful gown posing and walking up steps being photographed at the Met Gala

Anna calls the shots… One can’t just buy their way into the Met Gala. There are 400 tickets and you have to be hand-selected by the Vogue editor for the privilege of paying $50,000 for a spot. The Editrix-in-Chief also has a say in selecting attendees outfits, which could explain why there are so few misses.

The red carpet is MAJOR… Sorry, E! Only Vogue is allowed to broadcast the red carpet arrivals, which will be streaming on La La Anthony, Derek Blasberg, Chloe Fineman, and Emma Chamberlain are handling the arrival interviews and requisite who-are-you-wearing questions.

Live like a Gala gal … Equinox, Dr. Lara Devgan, and Valentino are teaming up to let you sample the good life with the Ultimate Met Gala Beauty Experience. The $12,000 package includes a two-night stay at the Equinox Hotel in New York, beauty products in a Valentino pouch, and an “expertly-designed pre-Met Gala routine for both attendees and beauty-obsessed individuals alike.” If only it included a shortcut around traffic from Hudson Yards to the Upper East Side.

In Other Beauty News

Aging is over…

headshot of Victoria Beckham posing in a black top in front of a green background

Maybe she’s (not) born with it… Victoria Beckham—who will forever in our hearts be Posh Spice—is singing the praises of laser treatments combined with her own Victoria Beckham Beauty line. Her plastic surgeon says, “You’re literally not going to age anymore and you’re set.” We’ll have what she’s having, please.

The Influencer Olympics… This year’s Coachella activations included tons of beauty partnerships. Sephora hosted aura readings with fragrance pairings, European Wax Center offered on-site brow styling including “pearl” and “galactic brows,” and Love Beauty and Planet scattered “sensorial misting stations” at resorts throughout Palm Springs.

Men keep getting the medspa memo… White Lotus actor Lukas Gage is one of celebrity facialist Tracie Martyn’s many famous clients getting the Red Carpet Facial. According to Martyn’s website, the facial includes “crystal-free diamond microdermabrasion, Beyond Microcurrent facial therapy and a special anti-aging amber LED light treatment.”

The secret to French-girl beauty… It turns out the French aren’t better than us, they’re just better at self care. A writer living in Paris claims the French girl je ne sais quoi comes down slathering on serums and getting regular massages and pedicures.

Just when you learned to pronounce Ozempic… We’ve previously talked about the rush of clients getting fillers to combat Ozempic face, and that’s likely to continue. While Ozempic is just one of the semaglutides that celebrities have been secretly taking to lose weight, Mounjaro, another type of diabetes drug, may be even more effective. The FDA has fast-tracked the process of examining and approving tirzepatide, the key ingredient in Mounjaro, for weight loss, so it’s only a matter of time before even more people start attributing their downsizing to a newfound yoga practice.

Meanwhile, on TikTok

Of course we have to talk about social media trends…

Mewing’s a-brewing… Anyone who’s worked in aesthetics knows there are plenty of non-surgical ways to sculpt the jawline, but that’s not enough for the kids these days. Instead, they’re turning to “mewing,” the process of “placing the tongue at the roof of the mouth and applying pressure to cause bony changes in the jawline.” Is it harmful? Nah. Is it effective? Also, nah.

A crowning achievement… In the not-so-distant past, TikTok popularized skin cycling and slugging. Now, the same treatments are getting elevated… to the scalp. Hair Slugging (31.2 million views) and Hair Cycling (2.3 billion views) are all the rage this year and show no signs of slowing down.

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