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May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that there are over five million reported cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the United States each year – making it the most common form of cancer in the country?

The Emsculpt Diaries: A Journey Towards Sculpted Abs

Jenny Smith has always been a generally healthy person, who eats right and exercises. But as she’s aged and had children, she’s found her body hasn’t bounced back in quite the way it used to. So when we approached her to help us document our newest body treatment – Emsculpt – she said yes.

We’re Expanding!

It’s an exciting time at SkinSpirit! In April, we opened a new clinic in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood, with two more medical spa locations coming to Oakland and Burlingame this May.

Moisturizers vs Hydrators

The terms “hydrating” and “moisturizing” are often used interchangeably. But when it comes to skin care, they actually serve two different functions.

Meet Your New Trainer: Emsculpt!

We are excited to announce the newest body treatment at our Palo Alto clinic! Emsculpt is the world’s first and only FDA-approved procedure proven to build muscle and sculpt the body.