5 Top Injectors Share Their Pick-Me-Ups for a Busy Day

woman sitting on couch smiling and drinking coffee

What are your daily rituals? The pick-me-ups that energize you and help you greet clients with a smile? Some people like meditation and journaling, while others prefer a workout or coffee, but most of us enjoy some kind of routine.

We asked five of the industry’s top pros about their must-haves for feeling happy and confident at work, and here’s what we learned.


Erika Barry posing with arms crossed in long sleeved blue shirtMoksha Aesthetics and Aesthetic University founder Erika Barry (@injectorbunny) swears by running every morning, and spending time with her son before bed. Of course, it’s not all run and games: She also enjoys a glass of wine on Fridays to reflect on the week. If it’s summertime, you can bet there’s rosé in her glass.




Natalie Aguilar posing in black and whiteFor celebrity aesthetician and dermatological nurse Natalie Aguilar (@n4skincare), skincare is both her day job and a source of calm and continuity. “I can’t imagine living without a few skincare products. I get so nervous when I can’t find them so I leave a few of them in my bag, car, nightstand and bathroom,” she said. 

Her favorites? First, there’s Dr. Bronners® Naked Organic Lip Balm. “You can also use it on dry cuticles or patches or dry skin for instant relief,” she said. To protect her hands, Natalie turns to  Biologique® Emulsion Rénovatrice Mains for its light, invisible finish. “It doesn’t leave my steering wheel or phone greasy.” And for hydration whenever she needs it, Natalie loves Heritage Store℠ Rosewater Mist. “It’s so clean and can be used anytime even over makeup,” she said.



Dr. Shino Bay headshot with black backgroundFor Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera, (@shinobay), an aesthetic dermatologist and spiritual advisor, dance is key to a great day. “I get up dancing every morning with my Pandora playlist of fun dance music, I go to the shower dancing, come out dancing, get ready dancing, and leave out the door dancing. How can anyone have a bad day if you start your day with joy?”

Beyond movement, Dr. Aguilera relies on meditation in the morning to set the tone of the day, and an unexpected source of comfort at the office. “I have a snuggie that I use at work like my security blanket between patients, especially if I have a stressful day.”



Pawnta posing with hair down in black shirt against blue background

Beverly Hills-based Pawnta Abrahimi (@pawnta) says her favorite mood-boosters are coffee, Hydrating Lip Balm from Mizzi® Cosmetics, and lip injections. (Her go-to coffee order is a triple shot sugar-free vanilla latte from Starbucks.) 




Cary Deuber headshot in black scrubsCary Deuber (@carydeuber) may be best known as one of the original Real Housewives of Dallas, but the Texas-based registered nurse is also one of the most popular injectors in the Lonestar State. Her secret to a stellar day? Espresso and sweat in the morning, (she likes to start moving with a HIIT workout or infrared heated yoga), and cute accessories for the day.  

“My Chloe® sneakers are my favorite. I love wearing a stylish shoe when I inject. I get tired of just wearing scrubs as well, so sometimes I’ll throw on a blazer to complete the look. [It’s] always important to look professional and stylish when treating clients!”


Pick-me-ups vary between providers, but finding one—or three!—things to perk up your week is a smart way to stay in tune with yourself and on top of your game for your clients.


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