PRP with Molly Mesnick at SkinSpirit Redmond

We’re still glowing from our day with KISS FM’s Molly Mesnick, from Bender and Molly in the Morning. Molly helped to host and model for our PRP event at SkinSpirit Redmond, and everyone loved it!⠀

Louise Park, RN, BSN, MSN, ARNP performed a PRP (platelet rich plasma) Skin Rejuvenation treatment on Molly. 

Preparation for PRP treatments

In her own words, Molly says, “This is my blood, being cleaned right now, and then injected into my face. Yes… I’m crazy, but I hear this is AMAZING!” We love how open she was with her fans about this unique treatment, they can’t wait to see her results!⠀

PRP Skin Rejuvenation at SkinSpirit Redmond

You may already know that platelets are responsible for clotting in the blood, but do you know that scientists have discovered that platelets are also great stem cell recruiters? Yes, they get your body’s stem cells in gear to head to wounded areas, creating collagen through a natural healing process. ⠀

Here is a great video from Sherie Becker, MSPAS, MPH, PA-C showing the process in action. 

PRP Skin Rejuvenation treatment in action

We at SkinSpirit have learned how to use this strategically for our patients through PRP Skin Rejuvenation. The result is a decrease in fine lines and pore size and an increase in collagen and improved skin tone. ⠀

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