Rachel H: Day #1 of REBALANCE

My first day on the REBALANCE weight loss program is winding down, and overall it went well.

I misjudged the calorie count a bit and did not eat enough at lunch and for my afternoon snack.  Was feeling hungry and a nauseous in the late afternoon.  And now it’s nearly nine, and I have 58 calories to spare on the day. So tomorrow, I’ll have more veg at lunch and an additional ounce of protein.  And more for my pm snack and see how things are going.

MyFitnessPal app and web site are a big help.  It notes food I eat frequently so each day, I will spend even less time adding info.  And it’s fun to watch the calorie counter for the day.

Was busy most of today with work, so did not spend time on cooking anything.  All raw and leftovers.

Got inspiration today while shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding next month.  Nothing like watching yourself trying on cocktail dresses for an hour to make you want to stick to a fat loss program!