When I’m by myself for meals, I tend to get lazy – raw veggies, leftovers, the same low-effort favourites over and over.  But twice this week, I’ve been with company and had some added variation and spice to the menu.

I had drinks with girlfriends – relaxing on the back deck.  For me the hostess added lime and cucumber juices to sparkling water and served it in the same cocktail glasses with the same garnish (cherry) as the rest of the group.  That was such a nice gesture.  She also had veggies and whole grain rice cake munchies.

And last evening my boyfriend came over for dinner.  He was in charge of veggies and we ended up having pepper, green beans, mushrooms, carrot, celery, kale, and brussel sprouts.  I would not have bothered with such a variety if cooking for myself.  I grilled some sirloin and we had strawberries for dessert.  When I totaled the calories for that meal, it came to under 200 calories.  And I just had the left-overs for lunch.

It reminded me to mix things up and keep myself interested.  Thanks GFs and BF!