Was a bit uncomfortable for the last few days as I adjusted to the change in food and calories. Glad I have made the commitment to get back to eating more veggies – I had certainly let that slide lately and I could tell through the last few days as my tummy grumbled. That seems to be past, now. I’m still not fully adjusted to the lower calories – 1150 a day is not a lot for me. But that seems to be getting easier and it’s easy enough to count them and each day improve upon how they are spread out through breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

I’ve been injured and not been doing any of my usual sports, CrossFit and racquetball or workouts, walking and biking, so I am not burning as many calories as I do usually. I am frustrated by not being able to work out, but it came at a good time (if it has to happen at all) as I get to see how the new diet works at a baseline of low activity. As I heal, and start to get back to usual exercise levels, it should be easy to adjust food calories if needed, as I am used to the program.

I’m learning a new trick each day – today’s is cutting one of my favorite treats – Purple Powerade Zeros with water. At my initial consult with Carli, she told me that even although they have zero calories, drinking things like that can create cravings. She told me that I should remove the daily 32oz bottle from my diet. Have two a week and drink half Powerade and half water. So I at least get them four days a week. Turns out they taste better that way! And I’ll save some money. I’m also subbing in water which I have left overnight in the fridge with line and cucumber.