Starting week eight and it looks like I am losing a pound a week.  I’m starting back at the gym tomorrow with my trainer and I’m curious to see how the CrossFit workouts effect the scales if at all. The thing I want each week is to watch the percentage of body fat to continue to go down which it is.

The photo is not very good, but it shows my new fav side dish – zucchini cakes – they work out to about 20 calories each! All I did is grate raw zucchini and squeeze out some of the extra juice. Mixed them with a beaten egg, fresh and dried herbs, roasted garlic, and minced scallions. Then I put them in a pan with olive oil spray. They don’t hold together as well as potato cakes and they are too moist to get super crispy, but they are delicious and they are like having a starch on the plate.