Back on track!  During one of the worst weeks ever, more reasons to be grateful for Rebalance and the InBody Scan.  No need to rehash the previous post – it’s been a very hard time.  But keeping to the Rebalance program has helped:

  • Gives me something positive and goal oriented to focus upon,
  • keeps me from really stupid comfort food choices,
  • and, adds some structure while things are crazy.

But I was feeling blue about the scales staying up, even although I understand that weight loss is going to be difficult while under stress and sadness.  But my main goal for this program is not total weight loss, but getting my body fat percentage from 37% to 27% – and today’s scan showed that by sticking to the program this week, I have gone down another whole percentage. Now I am at 34.6% – that’s a boost – to motivation to stick to the diet and to my overall spirits.