Had my weigh-in and meeting with Carli today.  I was not expecting too much of a weight loss as it’s the worst time of the month to lose weight – I would have been happy to break even, but I was actually down a pound, although the number I really care about, body fat percentage, did not go down.  Overall as I start week four, I weight eight pounds less than when I started (per myfitnesspal.com calculations).

I’m glad I picked Tuesday as my check-in day.  Around Saturday, I start to feel I need a pop of motivation.  Then I remember it’s only a few days until I get on the InBody scanner/scale/gizmo and it keeps me solid knowing that with just a little continued effort I’ll be lower than the week before.  My Sunday motivation is the local farmers’ market and walking.  Monday’s an easy motivation day as it’s the start of the week and I guess I have new beginnings in my mind – plus by that time, it’s less than 24 hours until the check in.

My mini-goal for the week is to do a better job with stretching and hydrating as I am starting to be more active as my injury has pretty much healed.  The extra water will hopefully help with water retention too.

I’m already looking forward to next Tuesday’s check in!

(Carli was wearing her “don’t mess with me” spectacles today – a very good look on her.  She’s very nice, but when she looks at me through those serious glasses I feel like diet cheaters could be in big trouble!)