Weigh in day was good as usual. Always leave SkinSpirit feeling ready to keep focused and on track. Got some ideas, encouragement, and goals from Carli. And today, I also left with a pear and an intro to Uforia Studios – one of their partners. Wish I lived in the area because it sounds like a fun place.

Weight is down a bit – should be more by next week as I move into a better weight loss time of my cycle.

Now that I can work out hard enough that it feels like I am actually burning some calories, I may move my calorie totals for those days to 1200, instead of the 1150 I am doing right now. I’m eager to push things a bit this week as I want to be at one-third of my way to my weight loss goal at next weigh in. But if I’m struggling to finish that half mile in the pool, you bet I’m eating some more protein! The thing for me to do is have something ready – and portioned – for when I get home so I don’t fall on the closest edible item like a vulture trying to get it’s fill before the hyenas chase it off.

I asked Carlia about another approved protein bar to add to the list (see post 9/22) – NuGo Slim. It’s got the least calories of those I’ve tried so far – 190, but it’s smaller. My favourite so far is the NuGo Organic Dark Chocolate.

And I also got some recipes from Carli – I’m looking forward to trying “Curried Chicken Salad with Whole Wheat Pita” for my next Sunday Football treat. Go Niners!