Checking in once a week is really perfect for maintaining focus.  Saw Carli, got my V-12 shot, and took at look at the InBody Scan.  Despite a bad day during last week, I was down again, losing 4.2 pounds of fat (how does the scan break that out from my lean body weight?!) and my body fat percentage is down to 35.1.  Still a long way to go 27% body fat, but after two weeks of results, I can see that the work is doable.

One of the problems is eating out.  Today after leaving SkinSpirit I walked along University Avenue looking for lunch.  Figured a restaurant named Sprout Cafe would be a good choice – and the Seared Tuna Nicoise Salad was fine – but they had no calorie counts for their items, so not a good place for keeping track of a diet.  That’s left me with no count for the day.  From now on, I’ll be more prepared and pack lunch – or ask for the calorie counts before I order.

For dinner, I made the omelet following the recipe in the package I received when I signed up.  200 calories – delicious!  And easy.  I was going to take a photo for this post, but I ate it too quickly.