REBALANCE, Carli: Week Four

Week 4
Weigh-in: 166 lbs
Gained: 0.4 lbs

STEP AWAY FROM THE CHILIDOG! It all started with a chilidog on the Fourth of July. I didn’t stick with what I said I was going to do last week, which was a burger with no bun and light beer. Instead, I decided to indulge in a hot dog with delicious chili and cheese along with multiple calorie loaded blended margaritas. From there, it escalated to three whole days of eating out of control!! I just couldn’t seem to snap out of it. By Day Three, the bad food was gut punching and my stomach hurt so bad that I couldn’t even stand up straight. What a painful blessing. This experience forced me to regain control for the rest of the week. I recuperated with tons of water and lots of veggies.

Now that my stomach has finally stopped hurting and I feel back in control, I’m ready to conquer Week 5. I was surprised that with all the damage I did in the three “hangry” (angry hunger) days, I was only up 0.4 lbs. I’m happy with that.

So… onto this next week and my cousins wedding with a dress that hopefully feels a bit more comfortable by Saturday!

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