REBALANCE, Carli: Week Three

Week Three

Weigh-in: 165.6 lbs

Lost: 1.7 lbs!

It’s my birthday and I will eat cake if I want to! Like I said last week, this is usually my week that I would fall off of the wagon. To add to that stress it was my birthday week! YAY! Does that mean that I am not going to have cake? NO! OF COURSE I had a slice of my moms delicious home made carrot cake and just savored it. You will hear me say this over and over again, MODERATION! I will not deprive myself to fit back into my size 4’s, but I will get my butt back in them eventually! I’m perfectly okay with it taking a little longer if I get to enjoy delicious treats like carrot cake for my birthday! And see… I am still down this week!

This week is the Fourth of July. That usually means block party beer and burgers. For me this year, it means a light beer and a burger with no bun. These small changes help make you feel like you’re still able to participate in what is going on around you without having to break away from all of the hard work you’re doing in regards to your weight.

Next weekend, I’ll be attending my cousin’s wedding. I’d like to be down at least another two pounds in order to comfortably fit into my new dress. I’m trying to think ahead so that way my progress continues. Stayed tuned and I will let you know how this weekend went and if my dress is zipping up easier!


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