REBALANCE, Carli: Week Two

Week Two

Weigh-In: 167.3 lbs

Lost: 1.1 lbs!

SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE! Is a pound a week slow and frustrating? YES! Do I wish I were losing 5 pounds a week? OF COURSE!! However, I am very happy with a pound a week so far. I have not yet felt deprived because if I want something sweet or savory, I find something to satisfy my craving.

MODERATION is the key and most important word here! You want pizza? Great! Have a slicebut not 6. Then add in a salad on the side to make sure you feel fuller so you wont want to eat the rest of the pizza in front of you. Feel like having a slice of cake at a party? Have at it! Just don’t go back for seconds!

The other key aspect is if you do have a bad meal, that does NOT mean that the whole day should be or gets to be bad. If you are having an event at dinner, make sure you eat super healthy for breakfast and lunch. Don’t skip meals to save up calories. Otherwise you’re more likely to over indulge when you do get hungry. It’s a constant conversation I have with myself whenever I plan out my day and week, as far as food and events go.

The first two weeks are always the easiest for me with my motivation. Now that I’m coming up on week 3, it makes me a little bit nervous because this is when I typically loose momentum. I will stay positive, continue what I have been doing and will check in with you all next week!

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