This past weekend I had kind of a big race, the American River 50. AR50 is a 50 mile ultra marathon that starts in Sacramento and ends in Auburn.

It was a long day for me with many ups and downs (both emotional and actual hills).  I wanted to quit at mile 27, but with the urging of a friend, I decided to keep going.  I got a second wind at mile 28 and was able to keep a good pace of walking up the many hills and running the rest.  I knew that if I made it to mile 41 before the cutoff, then I would definitely finish the race.  I had a lot of help and support during the race that got me through the 50 miles, but I really think that the lifestyle changes that I have been making since January made a GIANT impact on me finishing the race.

I am down 20 pounds, 20 pounds, I cannot believe I just typed that, and eating a lot healthier.  I couldn’t even imagine going up the hills at AR50 with an extra 20 pounds on my body.  Losing that weight definitely made the race possible!  I will definitely do this race again.  I would like to take an hour off of my time, so losing another 20 pounds will definitely help with that!

I did it, the BIG RACE! And the 20. 20 more, here I come!